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FIN2021 Review — Titane | Flaw in the Iris

Julia Ducournau’s horror thriller TITANE won the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2021 and is now streaming on Hulu. It’s a movie that kinda defies description, but that’s never stopped us before! Plus, we’re nominate some of the Best Movie Cars for the Hall of Excellence. Vroom vroom!!


What’s Good?
Alonso: Burlap & Barrel’s Pizza Party seasoning
Drea: Stitches out!
Ify: n/naka anniversary dinner
Tod: Playing basketball with buds


Oscars Thoughts…
Sounds like there are plans for a Sonic Cinematic Universe


Staff Picks:

Drea: The Imposter 

Alonso: Take Me To the River

Ify: Anatomy of Hell

Tod: French Lieutenant’s Woman


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Ify Nwadiwe

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