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How is ETERNALS like eating tapas in New York? Believe it or not, that question is answered in this week’s episode, alongside a Sundance recap, blockbuster casting news, and more with Hollywood Reporter TV Critic Angie Han.  And of course, your Hall of Excellence champion (category: Badass Denzel Performance) is revealed!

What’s Good Mentions
Alonso – honeycrisp apples
Drea – refurbishing videos
Ify – Grand Crew and recipe binders
Angie – Gelly Roll metallic pens

Jason Momoa Is Joining the Fast Family

Nightmare Alley Gets a Second Life in Black & White

Staff Picks:
Ify – After Yang
Drea – Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes
Alonso – Date and Switch
Angie – The Outside Story

Buy Alonso’s book – I’ll Be Home for Christmas Movies

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Ify Nwadiwe
Drea Clark
Alonso Duralde
Angie Han

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  • Angie J. Han

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