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This week, Tre’vell, Jarrett and the whole FANTI team are taking the week off in observance of the Juneteenth holiday. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Juneteenth it’s widely celebrated as the day African Americans received their independence in The United States following the abolishment of slavery. The actual history behind the date is a little more complex. 

What Juneteeth actually is is a commemorative of the date in history (June 19th, 1865, to be exact) when news of the 1862 (!) Emancipation Proclamation reached the enslaved people of the deepest parts of the former Confederacy in Galveston, Texas.

It is a day of reflection. A day of remembrance. A day of celebration. 

A day of independence. 

Click here to offer your support in making Juneteenth a nationally recognized holiday.

As we relax, relate and release so we can come back to fight the good fight, please enjoy one of our favorite episodes so far: Why White People Love Wakanda.

Since FANTI’s launch white people have been emailing, texting, and DM-ing the hosts about loving the podcast even though they’re “not the target demographic”. In this episode, Tre’Vell and Jarrett ask the question: Uhhh…what do you mean by that?

A Tough Question: Should journalists vote?

That’s this week’s tough question, inspired by a New York Times article No Politics Till the 7th Date? How Journalists Stay Impartial. In particular, Tre’Vell and Jarrett responded to what journalist Peter Baker said:

As reporters, our job is to observe, not participate, and so to that end, I don’t belong to any political party, I don’t belong to any non-journalism organization, I don’t support any candidate, I don’t give money to interest groups and I don’t vote.

Spoiler alert: Tre’Vell and Jarrett don’t share this opinion.


DIS/Honorable Mentions 

Tre’Vell – Democratic candidates dropping out of presidential race

Jarrett  – Tatyana Ali

Tre’Vell – Oprah Winfrey

Jarrett – School cafeteria food

Tre’Vell – Chris Matthews 

Jarrett – Mercury in retrograde






 This episode originally aired in March of 2020.

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