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Eating disorders are, unfortunately, pretty common. It’s also pretty common to experience shame and anxiety about them and thus suffer in silence. Annie Weisman is a veteran playwright and television writer and producer. From her late teens to age 30, Annie dealt with bulimia. She was binging and purging and not telling anyone. Even after she got help for the condition (she now considers herself to be recovered), she kept quiet about that part of her history. That is, until she made a TV show called Physical, which debuted last year. 

In this interview, Annie Weisman talks about taking on the most painful mental health experiences of her life and translating them into this show, which stars Rose Byrne as a character not precisely based on Annie but with a lot in common. She also talks about the pain of keeping the bulimia a secret and the pain of those around her when they finally found out.

Watch the first two seasons of Physical on Apple TV+. Follow Annie Weisman on Twitter @mrsanniemac and on Instagram @annieweisman.

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