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We’re taking a break from dead pilots this month to talk about race and inclusion in the writers room! Andrew sits down with Alyson Fouse (Scary Movie 2, My Wife and Kids) and Matt Claybrooks (Everybody Hates Chris, The Oscars) for an open and honest conversation. They talk about the challenges they were up against while breaking into the business, the progress they’ve witnessed when it comes to inclusion in rooms, the ways in which it still needs to change, and some things all white writers should be thinking about. Enjoy!

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We’re reading the pilot “Most Likely” written by Gloria Calderón Kellett (One Day At A Time)

The cast includes: Ana Villafañe (New Amsterdam), Victor Rasuk (Fifty Shades Freed, Godzilla, Lords Of Dogtown), Emily Chang (The Vampire Diaries, The Bold Type), Tyler Ritter (Agents of Shield, The McCarthys), Caitlin McGee (Bluff City Law, Modern Love), Todd Grinnell (One Day At A Time), Taran Killam as Tucker Zayne (Single Parents, SNL), and Gloria Calderon Kellett as Woman (Creator/Showrunner, One Day At A Time).

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  • Alyson Fouse
  • Matt Claybrooks

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