Found Magazine Editor Peter Rothbart on The Sound of Young America

Peter Rothbart; Photo by Thomas Hayden

Peter Rothbart is an editor of Found Magazine. It's a compendium of the discarded -- ranging from shopping lists to personal notes to (once) a dead frog. Peter talks about the history of the magazine, shares some finds with us, then sings two songs inspired by found items. This interview was recorded live at Sketchfest Seattle.

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Dan Savage


I know the note to Ron was basically for comedy, and it being referred to as "the one about inbreeding" is meant for a laugh...but to me, it's extremely tragic. I don't think it WAS about inbreeding, so much as love. Now, I'm not condoning relatives being in relationships like that, but it's rather heartbreaking.Imagine that you found the love of your life, and they found you, and you're both on top of the world. Now imagine that you find out something that means that the two of you can't be together, that everything about your love is wrong. Not only in the eyes of society, but based on everything you've ever been raised to believe.It seems like some freak accident, some strange and interesting anecdote to everyone else, or causes downright revulsion from some, even yourselves. But for you, nothing has changed about the way you loved each other. Only now, it can't be.That's not gross, it's tragic.

Could somebody pls sent me the text of the song at the end of this show (Boody don't stop) or tell what that song is? My email svininnikov@yahoo.comThanks in advance

Anon -- you can buy it on CD here: