TRANSCRIPT Oh No, Ross and Carrie! Ep. 388: Ross and Carrie Are Attacked by Aliens: Linda Moulton Howe Edition

Ross and Carrie attend a presentation by ufologist Linda Moulton Howe. Howe announces new government whistleblowers, an updated map of alien civilizations, and the world-changing events we can expect in… April 2023?

Podcast: Oh No, Ross and Carrie!

Episode number: 388


[00:00:00] Music: “Oh No, Ross and Carrie! Theme Song” by Brian Keith Dalton. A jaunty, upbeat instrumental.

[00:00:08] Ross Blocher: Hello, and welcome to Oh No, Ross and Carrie!, the show where we don’t just report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal. No, no, no, we take part ourselves.

[00:00:17] Carrie Poppy: Yep, when they make the claims, we show up, so you don’t have to. I’m Carrie Poppy!

[00:00:21] Ross Blocher: I’m Ross Blocher. And who’s making the claims?

[00:00:26] Carrie Poppy: Today—you never know what will come out of her face—

(Ross giggles.)

But Linda Moulton Howe is back, baby.

[00:00:33] Ross Blocher: Yeah, she’s one of our most frequent topics on the podcast.

[00:00:37] Carrie Poppy: Yeah. We can’t get enough. Not that I ever understand what’s going on.

[00:00:41] Ross Blocher: Or what’s coming out of her face. It’s weird, because she does have greatest hits. There is repetition.

(Carrie agrees.)

But there’s always something new, and it’s wild, aaaand—

[00:00:52] Carrie Poppy: And all her sentences run into one another, so they’re very hard to follow. It’s really always just sort of a talk that washes over me like so many words, and then I have to go back through it and figure out what I just heard.

[00:01:04] Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) Yeah, I know that feeling, and I feel it a lot with Linda Moulton Howe. LMH.

[00:01:10] Carrie Poppy: Yes, that’s what we call her.

[00:01:11] Ross Blocher: So, if you followed along with the podcast, you’re like, “Alright, LMH! Let’s see what she’s up to now!”

[00:01:16] Carrie Poppy: “We love her!”

[00:01:17] Ross Blocher: In case you don’t know, we’ve been encountering her since I think the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference was the first time that we saw her, back in the summer of UFOs—2016?

[00:01:27] Carrie Poppy: ’17? Something like that.

[00:01:28] Ross Blocher: Something like that. And one of the hosts afterwards, the MC—as we were walking out, someone asked him what he thought about something Linda Moulton Howe had said. (Chuckles.) He said, “You never know what’ll come out of her face!”

(They laugh.)

[00:01:44] Carrie Poppy: We just happened to overhear this as we were walking by, and it—

[00:01:47] Ross Blocher: Just the best damning with faint praise?

(Carrie laughs and agrees.)

That’s not even it. Yeah. It was the best—

[00:01:53] Carrie Poppy: Damning with vague statements. (Laughs.)

[00:01:55] Ross Blocher: —subtle dig I’ve ever heard.

[00:01:58] Carrie Poppy: So, it really stuck for us. But she is an oof-ologist (ufologist), if you will.

(Ross confirms.)

She studies OoFOs (UFOs). She believes that aliens are in consistent communication with the human race and that our government is keeping that knowledge from us.

[00:02:13] Ross Blocher: And I think when we saw her this last time, she was 81 years old?

[00:02:17] Carrie Poppy: Yeah, she’s very healthy, very spry, working all the time. And if you haven’t encountered her before, I’m gonna encourage you to go back and listen to some prior episodes, because we’re gonna try not to tread the same water too much here but tell you just what she was saying at Conscious Life Expo 2023. What was new? What’s the news in Linda Moulton Howe aliens?

So, this talk was called “UFO Whistleblowers, Civilian Pilots to Military to Aerospace”. I feel there’s too many “to”s in there.

[00:02:53] Ross Blocher: To wit. (Mumbling.) Civilian Pilots to Military to Aerospace. Interesting. I would almost put Civilian Pilots to Aerospace to Military, like just in the rank of increasing interest or security. I feel like military is kind of the pinnacle there.

[00:03:07] Carrie Poppy: Yeah, the spookiest. Okay.

[00:03:09] Ross Blocher: Yeah. The most investigative journalism, because she considers herself a journalist. She’s won an award for that, at least one.

[00:03:17] Carrie Poppy: Mm-hm, mm-hm. I believe a Daytime Emmy.

[00:03:19] Ross Blocher: There was a long line for this one, because it was a really popular event—like everything at Conscious Life Expo!

[00:03:24] Carrie Poppy: Yeah, but also she is a top tier speaker. People want to hear this woman talk.

[00:03:30] Ross Blocher: Yeah, she’s venerated in the UFO crowd, because she’s been doing this beat for years. Do you want me to read the quick description of this talk?

[00:03:39] Carrie Poppy: Yeah! Yeah, how did she describe it?

[00:03:42] Ross Blocher: “Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe.” I feel like I need to talk like Jimmy Church doing this, because he always introduces her. (Clears his throat.)

[00:03:49] Carrie Poppy: Here we go.

[00:03:50] Ross Blocher: (Dropping his voice into a low, booming Jimmy Church impersonation.) “Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe will open up her whistleblower files about UFO, UAPs, and ET sources ranging from civilian pilots to military and aerospace sources who know the US government has been classifying Earth’s true reality that we are not alone in this universe since World War II!”

(Carrie applauds.)

Thank you, thank you.

[00:04:15] Carrie Poppy: Do you get phlegm in your throat when you do that?

[00:04:17] Ross Blocher: (Deeply.) No, I do not.

[00:04:18] Carrie Poppy: Oh, okay! I would.

[00:04:19] Ross Blocher: Oh, she’s a graduate of Stanford University with a master’s degree in communication?!

[00:04:23] Carrie Poppy: That’s actually true. I’ve looked into that. That is true.

[00:04:27] Ross Blocher: Three regional Emmys, a national Emmy nomination, and a station Peabody award. Her big deal is She’ll reference this regularly.

[00:04:37] Carrie Poppy: Yes, she has a popular YouTube channel where she talks about different sources—anonymized sources. (Laughs.)

[00:04:44] Ross Blocher: (Doubtfully.) A lot of sources she’s got.

[00:04:46] Carrie Poppy: Who tell her insider information about the government’s relationship to extraterrestrials. And in this case, she’s going to tell us about a couple of whistleblowers.

[00:04:57] Ross Blocher: 249,000 subscribers on Earth Files. That’s significant. Wow, okay.

[00:05:02] Carrie Poppy: Yeah, for sure. As you mentioned, Jimmy Church introduced her. So, Jimmy is a radio host, podcast host who hosts another alien show. And she’s a regular guest on it, and he almost always introduces her. They’re kind of a little duo. So, he came up. He took a selfie with all of us. And then he kind of bragged about being friends with Linda. It was kind of cute. He was like, “You know, just this morning she said, ‘I love you and I trust you.’” And then he turned to Linda, and he said, “Right, Linda?!”

She’s like, “You’re right!”

[00:05:36] Ross Blocher: Verified. That’s the kind of fact checking we can expect from this stage, right?

(They laugh.)

[00:05:42] Carrie Poppy: Yeah, exactly. So, he said, “This conference brings friends together, and now we’re all their friends.” And he kind of went on at length about having Linda on his show regularly and how she was there recently, and they talked for two hours! Which is what they do! They’re friends!

[00:05:57] Ross Blocher: That’s pretty cute. I remember, I think at the previous Conscious Life Expo, he told this whole long story about how they had this dinner. Like, the whole point of the story was, “Our dinner went on too long, because she wouldn’t stop talking. And then she kept talking until we got to the hotel.”

[00:06:09] Carrie Poppy: Yep! But framed in the positive. Yeah.

[00:06:12] Ross Blocher: Yeah, yeah. It was loving and it’s just like, you know, you do for any older, esteemed colleague in the field.

[00:06:18] Carrie Poppy: Yes. She’s the stateswoman of ufology. Yeah, I always wonder does Jimmy actually think, “Wow, she has amazing things to say?” Or is it just sort of like, “She’s gained this prestige. I like her as a person. I’m rolling with it.” Just because I find her talks so opaque, so hard to follow. I have to go back through them with such a fine-toothed comb to follow what she’s saying. It’s just hard for me to imagine someone being like, “What a fine speaker!”

[00:06:46] Ross Blocher: Yeah, it’s one of those situations that I think we encounter often where you have those feelings—I do as well. And then you look around, and everyone else seems to be getting so much more from it.

[00:06:58] Carrie Poppy: Mm-hm. And then you’re like, “Okay, so—yeah, am I missing something, or is everyone else playing along, and I’m not playing along? Is that what it is?!”

[00:07:06] Ross Blocher: Right. Does the emperor have no clothes? ‘Cause I’m not seeing any clothes…

[00:07:09] Carrie Poppy: (Laughing.) Raise your hand and ask that question. “Does the emperor have no clothes?”

Uh, so, Jimmy says, “I love this woman more than anything. I think all of you know that. She has brought more to this community than anyone I know, and her work is tireless. Can we all applaud for her?” And up arrives Linda Moulton Howe. Wooo!

[00:07:28] Ross Blocher: Linda Moulton Howe. I’ve just got to say, I was looking at her IMDb here. It says that she’s a consulting producer on 85 episodes of Ancient Aliens.

[00:07:38] Carrie Poppy: Oh, wow! Okay. Yeah. On the History Channel.

[00:07:42] Ross Blocher: Yeah, that’s fancy. Yeah. Yes, that’s right. As we said in our last episode, the—

[00:07:46] Carrie Poppy: Esteemed outlet. (Laughs.)

[00:07:47] Ross Blocher: Esteemed outlet, History Channel. Yeah. And she’s got long, brunette hair.

(Carrie offers “curly”.)

She keeps it dark. And yeah, very curly.

[00:07:55] Carrie Poppy: Kind of reddish dark brown. Yeah.

(Ross offers “auburn”.)

Auburn! There we go!

[00:07:57] Ross Blocher: Oh, that’s fun. I don’t get to say that word enough. Auburn! And she’s always wearing glasses.

[00:08:05] Carrie Poppy: Mm-hm. Big old smile, apple cheeks.

[00:08:07] Ross Blocher: And she was wearing all black this time. Well, let’s see. No, I guess it’s like kind of a crushed velvet green shirt underneath, but she’s got a black what looks to be a leather jacket. Black—

[00:08:16] Carrie Poppy: She’s always wearing that jacket.

[00:08:17] Ross Blocher: Black tights. And yeah, that’s true. She is. And then black—they’re kind of cute little what do you call those? Boots!

[00:08:23] Carrie Poppy: Boots! Oh yeah, cute. Yeah, I’d wear that outfit.

[00:08:26] Ross Blocher: So, yeah, it’s a well curated look, and she’s got it. And we’ve mentioned before, she was also a former Miss Idaho, I believe.

[00:08:34] Carrie Poppy: Oh, is that right? Oh yeah, that’s familiar. So, she says that this is her 21st year here. She’s been coming since 2002 when it was founded.

(Ross “wow”s.)

Yeah. And she thanks a couple of people who run the show, Robert Silver and Serena Taylor. You know, they’ve been here since the beginning. But in this year, in 2023, she has news for us. (Suspensefully.) Ross, the whispers are getting louder. This time, the governments, the power brokers are finally going to crack open the truth that we are not alone in this universe, and they are going to do it in 2023.

Now, this was in February that she’s saying this. And in July, we’ve covered it, but there was a UFO (laughing) hearing—hearing in Congress.

[00:09:17] Ross Blocher: And she was talking about it. She was talking about an upcoming hearing, and this one checks out! She’s right!

[00:09:24] Carrie Poppy: It makes me think, oh, she’s really talking to someone. Now, who’s that someone? I mean, like they might’ve really known, “Oh, yeah. Ryan whatever his name is has gotten this thing on the books!” That seems possible.

[00:09:36] Ross Blocher: Graves. Doesn’t matter. But yeah, I feel like she’s two steps removed from that Congressional hearing. Yeah.

(Carrie affirms.)

I would suspect fewer steps. Like, I think she’s intimately involved with the people who made that happen.

[00:09:48] Carrie Poppy: Oh, okay! Yeah. That’s what I think too. I think that probably she really knew, like really had heard this was coming down the pipe. Yeah.

(Ross agrees.)

So, everything she’s about to tell us comes from a 2022 face to face meeting with a retired Pentagon Intelligence Analyst, and he confirmed a bunch of details that she had received previously in encrypted proton mail since 2020.

[00:10:17] Ross Blocher: Yeah, and that’s all the credentials we’ll get. She has vetted this person, and she believes that these are his qualifications.

[00:10:24] Carrie Poppy: Yeah, there’s not a strong fact checking arm going on here. We’ve talked about this in a previous episode. (Chuckles.) I won’t get too far into how we figured out that this is not a strong fact checking operation, but it is not.

[00:10:36] Ross Blocher: Find all the grains of salt you can and just line them up. You’ll need them for this episode.

[00:10:42] Carrie Poppy: (Chuckles.) She says at the outset that this is going to be a 73-year look back at the Roswell crash, but I gotta say the Roswell crash doesn’t come up that much. So, that’s interesting, but do you want to explain what the Roswell crash is since she raises it?

[00:10:55] Ross Blocher: Yeah, well now I’m just thinking 73-year look back. It’s been 76 years since Roswell almost. Interesting. Well, it was kind of the first crash of a UFO that people became aware of. And the original event happened back in 1947, named after my favorite number.

(Carrie snorts.)

And it was also the same year that we got the term “flying saucer” from Kenneth Arnold’s description of “ships that were shaped like crescents but skipped like saucers”. Anyways, there was a local newspaper article about this crashed something out in Roswell, New Mexico. And the Air Force at that time denied it was anything out of the ordinary, just said it’s a crashed weather balloon. And this is one of those situations where it kind of just went out of the public mind. No one really cared about it until the late ’70s when our man, Stanton Friedman, started digging up stuff about it and introducing this theory that the explanation was a cover up and that actually there was so much more. And so much attention since then has been paid to this.

And like they found photos of the guys who’d responded to this, and like you can actually see some pictures of them holding up stuff that looks like the remains of a crashed balloon. It certainly doesn’t look like anything so impressive as you hear from the stories about this amazing metallic structure that would retain its shape no matter what you did, and these symbols written all over it. And then eventually like alien bodies got added to it. That had never been part of it originally. So, the story kind of grew and became more dire.

And then later on, like in the ’90s, I think the air force finally admitted—or at least documents came out that showed that it had been part of this Project Mogul, and it was actually like a reconnaissance mission. And yeah, it was kind of something they didn’t want people to know about. So, yeah, they told the little lie about it being a crashed weather balloon. Oh, all the more this stirred up all the…

(Carrie affirms.)

So, anyways, it’s kind of like the original crash that everybody knows. We talked about the Trinity One. That’s a separate thing, but now that’s like supposed to predate it. But there you go. That’s Roswell in a nutshell.

[00:12:58] Carrie Poppy: Uh, that’s Ross-well in a nutshell, first of all.

(Ross chuckles pointedly.)

Second, I just need to point out to the listener that Ross said all of that without even looking down at his computer. That was just in his head. Whereas how did I summarize the Roswell crash to you earlier today?

[00:13:12] Ross Blocher: (Chuckles.) Oh yeah, Carrie texted me and she said, “All I know is… crash, New Mexico, aliens, not real.”

(Carrie laughs.)

And I said, “That’s all correct!”

[00:13:22] Carrie Poppy: See, I got it!

[00:13:23] Ross Blocher: Just like Loch Ness, you can go visit there, and there’s little aliens, and you can buy food themed for UFOs and aliens. And there’s alien jerky for sale, and you can buy a little green alien to attach to your car as you drive through the desert, like I did.

[00:13:38] Carrie Poppy: That does sound fun. Yeah, that sounds pretty fun.

[00:13:40] Ross Blocher: Oh, yeah, the museums are great.

[00:13:42] Carrie Poppy: Well, anyway, this apparently has something to do with that. But it basically won’t come up. Alright, so!

(They chuckle.)

She wishes that we would hear all of this from the horse’s mouth, but you just can’t, because—you know, this is classified, and these people are scared, and they need her as their mouthpiece to get this information out.

[00:14:01] Ross Blocher: Granted, no government agents repelled from the rafters during this talk. No one seems to care that she’s sharing all of this info.

[00:14:09] Carrie Poppy: Right? Yeah, why isn’t she in danger?

[00:14:11] Ross Blocher: It’s a problem. It’s a little problem. It’s a problem you should remember as you’re taking one of those grains of salt.

[00:14:17] Carrie Poppy: (Laughs.) So, she says: don’t worry, she finds all of this exciting, not terrible! So, what she’s about to tell us might come off kind of scary, but we don’t need to see it that way.

(Ross sighs in relief.)

So, President Reagan was actually told about all the alien races that humanity is in contact with—including the insect aliens, who are our biggest worry.

[00:14:41] Ross Blocher: Oh yeah. That’s right. That was a big thrust of this one, the insects. Now, we’ve heard about the praying mantis before. She didn’t—I don’t think she mentioned the praying mantis this time. Did she? He rules the universe?

[00:14:51] Carrie Poppy: I don’t think so either. Yeah, the praying mantis is like in charge of the bad aliens, I think. So maybe he’s the head insect?

[00:15:01] Ross Blocher: Interesting. Well, I was going to say he rules the universe with an iron—but then I couldn’t think what to refer to the forepaw—

[00:15:09] Carrie Poppy: Those little, tiny things?

[00:15:10] Ross Blocher: Yeah, little strike pads!

(They laugh.)

I don’t know, whatever it is a praying mantis has—he rules the galaxy with an iron one of those.

[00:15:17] Carrie Poppy: For praying hands. Also, praying mantis is my spirit animal, you may recall. Yeah.

[00:15:23] Ross Blocher: Oh, that’s right! Oh, deep connection. Okay.

[00:15:24] Carrie Poppy: So, President Reagan has known this all the time. And the US government has been hiding threats of hostile aliens for the past 75 years. Now, don’t worry; this won’t be terrible. It sounds terrible! So far, it sounds terrible.

[00:15:39] Ross Blocher: It sounds terrible. There’s insects who wanna kill us. It sounds like Starship Troopers.

[00:15:41] Carrie Poppy: Yeah, but don’t worry. It’s not terrible. But no one has told us the truth for 45,000 years. That’s what she actually said—until she got here (cracking with laughter) in 20—

[00:15:54] Ross Blocher: I’m just thinking like, you know, written language is only a fraction of that long ago. But okay, sure. They’ve been lying to us for all of that time. All of the governments in concert, together.

[00:16:05] Carrie Poppy: Until 2023 at the Hilton in Los Angeles. (Giggling.) Finally, the truth is known.

[00:16:10] Ross Blocher: No one seems to care one whit that she’s doing this.

[00:16:15] Carrie Poppy: Right! But in 2023 onward, disclosure is finally moving forwaaaard! (Applauds.)

[00:16:21] Ross Blocher: Finally! Woohoo! We’ve been saying it every year, but Jesus is coming back any minute now!

[00:16:28] Carrie Poppy: It’s finally happening. The age of Aquarius is here! She didn’t say that. (Laughs.)

[00:16:32] Ross Blocher: Boy, yeah, the age of Aquarius, Jesus, and disclosure are all just like right on the cusp.

[00:16:38] Carrie Poppy: Yeah. 5D. Yeah. What’s another one? What’s another one? Um, raising vibrations. That’s always kind of on the cusp.

(Ross giggles.)

So, in 2014, Linda met a physicist who had badges! This is how she verified.

[00:16:57] Ross Blocher: Oh, right. Yeah. Multiple badges that proved he had worked where he said he did.

[00:17:01] Carrie Poppy: Well, lots of badges that allowed him to get into labs. He showed her the badges. And so, she spoke to him for five hours and took everything he said to be true.

[00:17:11] Ross Blocher: Oh, I really want to see these badges.

[00:17:13] Carrie Poppy: (Emphatically.) Gotta see those badges!

[00:17:15] Ross Blocher: I need to see his stinkin’ badges.

[00:17:16] Carrie Poppy: Obscure his face and show us like a little hint of the badge! Come on. No.

[00:17:20] Ross Blocher: Yeah. I’ve shown you my JPL badge, right? I have a JPL badge.

[00:17:25] Carrie Poppy: I don’t know. Why? (Chuckling.) No offense, but why?

[00:17:26] Ross Blocher: It’s a long story. Well, I had to go through the whole like application process and everything. Yeah. Worked on a—

[00:17:32] Carrie Poppy: Woah! It’s a long story?!

[00:17:35] Ross Blocher: Yeah. Okay. I worked on a little project, and I still have my badge. I probably shouldn’t. I don’t know why I’m saying this publicly.

[00:17:42] Carrie Poppy: This feels more important than (laughing) what’s in front of me in my notes. You worked on a little project at Jet Propulsion Laboratory? The number one contractor of NASA?

(Ross confirms.)

Okay. Well, moving on! (Laughs.) I’ll just keep talking about this lady’s talk.

(Ross laughs.)

So, I mean, okay, guys. Think about this. I bet Ross has more clearance than this person!

[00:18:06] Ross Blocher: Right. That’s the point of that story is like you know, there could be something more to it. Maybe he had like contractor badges. Maybe he had to make deliveries or something, you know. Or maybe he faked badges and showed them to Linda Moulton Howe.

[00:18:21] Carrie Poppy: Yep. She asks us if we would all collapse on the floor if the government told us the truth, which I feel is kind of a leading question. But the whole audience is like, “Nooo!” Right, and she’s like, “Exactly!”

[00:18:33] Ross Blocher: Which undercuts the whole argument that like people aren’t ready for this. That’s not the argument she’s making. Yeah, we get it. We’re all ready for it.

[00:18:40] Carrie Poppy: Right. She’s very perplexed by the fact that the government thinks that we wouldn’t be able to handle this, because in actuality, she knows we would.

[00:18:48] Ross Blocher: Mm-hm. I still don’t know who’s actually making that argument. I feel like it’s an invented argument.

(Carrie agrees and offers “straw man”.)

I’ve only heard it espoused by people who are railing against it. “We’re ready!” Like, yeah, no one’s saying you’re not.

[00:19:01] Carrie Poppy: Right, right, right. So, she asks us if we’ve ever heard honest talk about life in the universe. Again, another leading question. But everyone’s like, eh, no, not really. And one person said, “Only from you!” And that got a laugh.

(Ross laughs.)

Accurate. Oh, Ross is showing me his—okay. “United States Government, Ross D. Blocher, Affiliation Contractor, NASA, expires—” Oh, it’s expired!

(Ross confirms.)

But someone check this badge number! 006—

[00:19:32] Ross Blocher: (Interrupting.) No!

(They laugh.)

Don’t rat me out.

[00:19:33] Carrie Poppy: And it’s got a little chip on it, a little mark of the beast. Okay, so what did you do? Why?

[00:19:38] Ross Blocher: Oh, I really can’t talk about it.

[00:19:40] Carrie Poppy: Oh, you really can’t talk about it. (Laughing.) Okay! Okay. Alright.

[00:19:43] Ross Blocher: I may have to cut this whole thing out.

[00:19:44] Carrie Poppy: Will you tell me off mic?

(Ross agrees.)

Okay. Alright. So, one of her sources is an aerospace manager. She’s going to tell us about two sources. She’s not great at differentiating between them, but I tried my best. So, this aerospace manager worked on a space-based energy weapons system.

[00:20:05] Ross Blocher: Say that five times fast.

[00:20:07] Carrie Poppy: During the Reagan administration in the 1980s. And while he was doing that, he became aware of what he called “others” working inside the program. I assume that means aliens. And he told her that there are non-humans from the star 82-G Eridani, about 20 light years from Earth. They’re six to eight feet tall; they have pale white skin, almost albino looking, very bony, smart, soft spoken. They have family structures like ours, children and spouses. And they help us the most. They’re called the Tall Whites.

(Ross repeats the term.)

And we’re going to hear a lot more about the Tall Whites.

[00:20:51] Ross Blocher: Oh, yeah, yeah. And I remember something else that’s coming. Okay. Yep.

[00:20:56] Carrie Poppy: Mm-hm! So, the Tall Whites have helped us plot our stellar navigation all this time, and we’ll come back to—

[00:21:01] Ross Blocher: Yeah, it’s pretty good navigation. Stellar.

[00:21:02] Carrie Poppy: Yeah. It’s stellar. Yeah, totally. We do have secret deep space travel to other stars. You know, maybe you don’t know that yet, but she can confirm it. We are visiting aliens. It’s not just that they’re visiting us. We have three specific space vehicles for visiting them. Also, right about here, she mentions this person—this aerospace manager, who’s the main source of what she’s telling us right now—he is one of only three sources that she’s ever gotten to actually meet in person. The others have been via email.

(Ross sighs heavily with disappointment.)

(Laughing.) We’ve seen videos where she interviews two guys who were friends that we’ve always thought were kind of pranking her. So, we’ve got now one additional guy that she’s actually talked to in person. She’s been doing this for a few decades. (Chuckles.)

[00:21:55] Ross Blocher: Oh, man. Linda, Linda, Linda.

[00:21:58] Carrie Poppy: Think it through, girl.

[00:21:59] Ross Blocher: By the way, we should mention, this was one of the paid workshops. So, you had to fork over 45 bucks to get in. And I had my crazy expensive all access pass.

[00:22:10] Carrie Poppy: That’s right! You really went for it. I probably paid for it on its own. So, here she starts talking about Space Force, which we all might think was established in 2019 by Donald John Trump. But no, it’s actually been around a lot longer. That’s just when it was revealed.

[00:22:27] Ross Blocher: (Flatly.) Oh, right. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. When did Space Force come about?

[00:22:30] Carrie Poppy: A lot longer.

(Ross laughs.)

So, the CIA, NSA, and NASA are all in on this. And the principle they use for space travel is deep quantum tunneling, which I had to look up. That is a thing. That’s all I know. That is a thing.

[00:22:46] Ross Blocher: Yeah, that probably works on an atomic scale. Okay, but not for sending—

[00:22:49] Carrie Poppy: Mm, yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Probably works on an atomic scale, but not for sending… (She waits for Ross to finish the thought and speaks just a second behind him.)

[00:22:54] Ross Blocher: Full—size—spaceships.

[00:22:55] Carrie Poppy: (A beat behind.) Full—size—spaceships. I don’t know. That’s just kind of how I’d summarize it.

[00:22:59] Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) But whatever. Great use of a science-sounding term.

[00:23:01] Carrie Poppy: Yep. And the universe is a conscious entity, so that helps with the space travel. Because you’re traveling through an agent, and the agent can help you. Okay? Cool. So, about those Tall Whites!

[00:23:13] Ross Blocher: Oh, the Tall Whites. Yeah, she loves to talk about the Tall Whites. It sounds racist! Just might be!

[00:23:16] Carrie Poppy: Yes. So, the listener—the listener might be thinking, “Huh, I feel uncomfortable as they begin to say Tall Whites. What’s going to happen here?” Well, that feeling’s not going to go away.

[00:23:29] Ross Blocher: She keeps saying it, and every time it just like sends a shiver down my spine. Please stop saying Tall Whites.

[00:23:33] Carrie Poppy: Stop saying Tall Whites! Yeah, this is a whole thing in the UFO community where people have pointed out this feels racist! They keep saying the white aliens are good and the ones with darker toned skin not as good. Do you see a problem?

[00:23:45] Ross Blocher: And it’s, uh, heightist as well. What’s wrong with the Short Whites? (Laughs.)

(Carrie concedes.)

Yeah, they’re six to eight feet in height, she told us.

[00:23:55] Carrie Poppy: Mm-hm. Tall! So, some of our ET allies live in water and are fish-like, but those ones don’t help us that much. The ones who really help us are these Tall Whites. They’re our main allies. And you can recognize them because they’re blonde, blue eyed, pale skin. Their skin is like white chalk.

[00:24:16] Ross Blocher: White and delightsome, as the Mormons might say.

[00:24:20] Carrie Poppy: So, that’s kind of more than Nordic people. Like, Nordic—I mean, unless you have albinism, like Nordic people generally are a pink hue.

(Ross offers “pigmented” and agrees.)

Yeah. So, these are very, very white, and they have the equivalent of five Cray supercomputers for a brain. She kept saying this.

[00:24:40] Ross Blocher: Yeah. Now, I’ve been hearing about Cray supercomputers for years. Are those as impressive as they used to be?

[00:24:47] Carrie Poppy: Oh, I don’t know! I had to look it up. I had never heard of it. I heard Cray, and I thought like, that’s “Cray! Like these are crazy supercomputers! Oh my god, they do so much!”

[00:24:55] Ross Blocher: I feel like I remember talking about them in middle school.

[00:25:00] Carrie Poppy: Oh, wow. Well, I was talking about Jesus then.

[00:25:02] Ross Blocher: They’ve updated them over time, but you have to ask which one was she referring to, you know, when she heard that these aliens performed at the speed of five Cray supercomputers. Anyways, carry on.

[00:25:14] Carrie Poppy: So, the Tall Whites are the original source race of Earth. They created Neanderthals; they created Homo Sapiens. They’re much older than us in evolutionary terms. In fact, they’re a million years beyond us in some areas. They have a base inside one of the moons of Jupiter, and you wouldn’t even recognize them if you sat in a room with them. They look too close to a Scandinavian person, but with a pronounced tan. This kind of confuses me though. White chalk, pronounced tan?

(They mumble confusedly.)

Alright. So, they’re supervising us. They’re our main allies. But this is interesting. They basically get on our crafts. They monitor our activity. They could interfere and make all of our accomplishments and behaviors much better, but they won’t. They have a—what’s that called? What do they call it in Star Trek? They won’t interfere? Prime directive.

[00:26:07] Ross Blocher: Very good! Look at you!

[00:26:08] Carrie Poppy: Thank you! So, they just supervise us. They won’t help. They just watch. And yet they’re our number one allies. They sound more like our number one watchers, but okay. They used to control Earth 270,000,000 years ago, and her source actually worked elbow to elbow with a Tall White. Yes! And she said you can feel the energy coming off of the Tall White.

[00:26:35] Ross Blocher: Yeah, with all that computing power, they’ve just got to be churning.

[00:26:37] Carrie Poppy: Mm-hm. Just like when you stand next to a computer and you’re like, “Ooh, ooh, I feel it! It’s so smart, ooh, the computing power, ooh!”

(Ross laughs.)

So, she says, “The Tall Whites can extend their incredible mind into timelines, and they can go out into the future and follow whatever the problem is until they get to a point where they have some comprehension, and then they can pluck that problem at a very specific point, put it back in the past, and then move it up toward the present or completely to the present and change the problem.” And somehow, this gets a bunch of “wow” noises from the crowd.

(Ross sighs heavily and Carrie laughs.)

I think it’s just one of those like blinding with words effects.

[00:27:26] Ross Blocher: Yeah, it feels like the like the superhero thing where everybody has all these like amazing capabilities. And then you have to start asking like, okay, well, how does that exist in the same universe as this? And you know, like—I don’t know, it just feels like she introduces so many things that are such a 90 degree turn from everything else she said. Like, oh, okay. They can manipulate the timeline. Sure.

[00:27:45] Carrie Poppy: Right. And what does it mean to take a problem from the future and bring it to the past? What are you even saying there?

(Ross agrees.)

What is that? Stop, slow down. Tell me what that means.

[00:27:52] Ross Blocher: That sounds like nonsense. Yeah.

[00:27:55] Carrie Poppy: No, she won’t be doing that. So, the Tall Whites and the Nordics—who maybe are different? I don’t know, but they work together to manipulate DNA and non-human primates on earth. And that’s what ended up creating humans. So, it sounds like she is down for evolution.

[00:28:11] Ross Blocher: Yeah, to an extent. And that’s her little intelligent design stepping in.

[00:28:17] Carrie Poppy: Mm-hm. So, Linda asked her source, “Well, why are they doing all this manipulation with all this DNA?”

And he said, “It relates to the wars between the Tall Whites and the reptilians.” So, the reptilians—we’ve talked about them before, but they’re reptile-like aliens. They’re bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. They want—

[00:28:36] Ross Blocher: Mm-hm, and they’re infiltrating our politics and all that.

[00:28:37] Carrie Poppy: Yep. They wanna come to Earth and take over.

[00:28:40] Ross Blocher: They’re a good way to refer to Jews without saying Jews.

[00:28:44] Carrie Poppy: Yeah. Some people seem to be using them that way. Not all the people, but yes. But the Tall Whites are a unique species with “more reverence for a higher power that we call God”. So, she’s gonna mention God. She’s gonna even mention souls here—which I don’t think I had heard her say before.

So, Linda asks a very good question of her source, I think. She says, “Okay, so since the Tall Whites are so smart, since they want to help us, why don’t they? And why do we still have all these problems we have?” And she—while she’s musing out loud to us, she says, “Really strange contradictions.” And I’m thinking, yes, yes! Strange contradictions! But she just leaves it there. Like, what a conundrum! What does that mean?

(Ross laughs.)

[00:29:32] Clip:

Linda Moulton Howe: Another source told me that working with the Tall Whites was like working with a human who had five Cray supercomputers for a brain. I mentioned it earlier when we’re having computer problems. But when you think about this, that a powerful Cray single computer can do a million, billion operations a second. It’s called a million gigaflops, a billion operations a second. And multiply it times five. That that is the way these men who have worked side by side with Tall Whites, that’s what they describe.

And to me, this all leaves more questions than I have been able to give you an outline of in this regard. If they care, and they have a vested interest in us, why would we still have problems with trantaloid insects from ten and a half light years away? There are so many strange contradictions.

[00:30:45] Carrie Poppy: There are. There are so many strange contradictions!

[00:30:47] Ross Blocher: There are quite a few strange contradictions. This is a quote from her. “There are so many strange contradictions the deeper you get into the content of this matter.”

(Carrie chuckles.)

Which I wrote as “another good summary of this talk”—oh, and the summary of her talk, she said, “This all leaves more questions than I’ve been able to give you an outline of in this regard.”

(Carrie “mm-hm”s over and over.)

Yeah. That about sums it up.

[00:31:09] Carrie Poppy: Well, let’s leave it there!

[00:31:10] Ross Blocher: (Chuckles.) Oh yeah. And she mentions the trantaloid insects that we need to be protected from. So, why haven’t they done it yet with their Cray supercomputer x5?

[00:31:21] Carrie Poppy: Right! They’re our number one allies, but they just sit there on the ships and watch us fuck up? That’s not a good ally!

[00:31:28] Ross Blocher: Yeah, and all of this—you know, just all this puttering around for 70+ years, messing with missile sites and stuff. I know she was talking about that. Well, what’s the point of all that? When are we’re gonna, you know, get to the point?

[00:31:41] Carrie Poppy: Yeah, right, right. What’s this all for?

[00:31:43] Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) Yeah, when’s this all coming to a head and existing outside of Linda Moulton Howe’s sources?

[00:31:48] Carrie Poppy: Well, the answer to that, I believe, is April 2023!

[00:31:52] Ross Blocher: Oh, April 2023! Yeah, I remember that.

[00:31:55] Carrie Poppy: (Laughs.) Yeah, yeah, I remember that too. It was six months ago.

[00:31:57] Ross Blocher: It’s now in the past. Then it was in the future.

[00:31:58] Carrie Poppy: Yeah, isn’t that interesting? Okay, we’ll get there in one second. So, she says, “If we can get past our own tribalism, we can use our plasmids—otherwise known as souls—to advance the species.” Plasmids. That’s fun.

[00:32:16] Ross Blocher: That’s her other word for souls, okay. Yeah.

[00:32:19] Carrie Poppy: The Tall Whites are the only people who can protect this planet from the incoming war from the Reptilians! So, now she’s starting to use war language. This is starting to—I’m starting to think, wait, why did you tell me not to be scared about this? So, there’s an incoming war. We have these allies who will not help; they just watch. But you’ve also told me, “Don’t worry about it!” Strange contradictions. Just such strange—(laughs).

[00:32:42] Ross Blocher: Yeah, those seem to be at odds as well. Indeed. Let’s just put them out there. Yeah. Ugh.

[00:32:50] Carrie Poppy: Well, here’s what’s going to happen in April 2023.

[00:32:52] Ross Blocher: Yeah, yeah. What are the consequences of any of this? Okay, yeah, what’s happening in the past?

[00:32:56] Carrie Poppy: Yes. So, of course, she’s talking in early February. And she says that in April 2023, Earth is going to go into an agitated state.

[00:33:07] Ross Blocher: Oh no. So, we’re in an agitated state right now?

[00:33:09] Carrie Poppy: Maybe? We might get sucked into a black hole, but don’t feel afraid of that! She doesn’t feel afraid of it!

(Ross chuckles.)

Okay? And here’s how she put it.

[00:33:19] Clip:

Linda Moulton Howe: And so, here we are finally getting to a point where this spring of April 2023—which both of these men have told me that they have had briefings on a year ago—that we would be in this solar system moving into where—if you look at it and do a search on the Milky Way Galaxy and Earth, where Earth is, you’ll see that it’s in a little—it’s like a little thread next to a bigger piece, like yarn. Thread to yarn. And that in this very particular little thread that our solar system is in, that very specific part of the Milky Way Galaxy is going to go into an agitated frequency. That the frequency will be higher than where we have been for some long period of time. And that the frequency that the Earth’s solar system will move into will have an impact on human brains, on energy, on animals.

[00:34:34] Carrie Poppy: There you go. That’s what’s going to happen. Remember that?

[00:34:35] Ross Blocher: Agitated frequency. Yeah. I wonder if she had talked with TwinRay. You know, they were there at the conference. How much common ground could they find, you know? Because they’re both talking about these coming frequencies. It would be interesting to see if they could riff off of each other.

[00:34:50] Carrie Poppy: Yeah, I would love to hear her talk more about channeling and recovered memory therapy and all these things that come into play with this larger alien group that she doesn’t seem to really be that concerned with.

[00:35:02] Ross Blocher: Yeah, and I feel like she’s infinitely compatible with the other ideas at the conference just because—like you were saying—she’s willing to raise all of these contradictions and then just let them simmer. And it doesn’t bother her; why should it bother you?

[00:35:17] Carrie Poppy: No worries of falsifiability here. So, she says:

[00:35:20] Clip:

Linda Moulton Howe: April of 2023 could be a change in emotional frequency, but it is also supposed to be heralded by the James Webb telescope and some kind of a headline that would be breaking news. The Webb telescope has now confirmed a biological signature, and I’m going to fill in the one that I’ve heard the most: the fourth planet in the Trappist1 solar system, which is about 40 lightyears from the Earth.

[00:35:55] Carrie Poppy: So, let’s see, in April 2023—let me Google this. April 2023, James Webb, agitated frequency?

[00:36:04] Ross Blocher: Oh, that’s gonna get you nothing.

[00:36:06] Carrie Poppy: This got me nothing! So, it’s not going to be a light blast. Someone in the audience thought it was going to be a light blast, and she’s like, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! It’s energy frequency. You won’t see it, but you’ll feel it.” And it—she tells us if this is all true, we should call our representatives and ask them what they know, demand to be told the truth. And she says, “And if it doesn’t happen, what a weird planet we’re on!”

(Ross chuckles.)

So, I guess that’s it. What a weird planet we’re on!

[00:36:33] Ross Blocher: We’re on a weird planet. Yeah, ‘cause none of that happened.

[00:36:35] Carrie Poppy: Then someone from the audience interrupts her. “Linda, Linda!” And he says that he spoke to a channeler who said it’s actually going to be in June. And Linda just receives this information like it’s an update.

(They laugh.)

[00:36:52] Ross Blocher: “Oh, okay. Alright. Actually, June. Sorry about the April.”

[00:36:55] Carrie Poppy: “Thank you, random man in the audience who talked to another person!”

[00:36:59] Ross Blocher: Which gives you a sense of her standards of evidence. But again, June’s in the past. Didn’t happen, as far as we know.

[00:37:05] Carrie Poppy: Yep. Not that I know of. And she says, “It would be ideal if we all suddenly, finally were hearing the same words from the government, right?” We’re all like, yes, that would be so ideal! Why won’t they tell us? We can handle it!

[00:37:18] Ross Blocher: And hey, by the way, I was just thinking, listen to this MaxFun podcast!

(Carrie agrees.)

[00:37:22] Promo:

Music: Upbeat, quirky banjo music.

Dan McCoy: I’m Dan McCoy.

Stuart Wellington: I am Stuart Wellington.

Elliott Kalan: I’m Elliott Kalan.

Stuart: And together, we are The Flop House: a long-running podcast on the Maximum Fun Network where we watch a bad movie and then talk about it.

Dan: And because we’re so long running, maybe you haven’t given us a chance. I get it, but you don’t actually have to know anything about previous episodes to enjoy us. And I promise you that if you find our voices irritating, we grow endearing over time.

Elliott: Perhaps you listened to one of our old episodes and decided that we were dumb and immature. Well, we’ve been doing this a while now. We have become smarter and more mature, and generally nicer to Dan.

Stuart: But we are only human, so nooo promises!

Dan: Find The Flop House on or wherever you get podcasts.

(Music ends.)

[00:38:04] Carrie Poppy: So, then she talks a little about the Greys—famous, old-school race of aliens.

[00:38:09] Ross Blocher: They’re part of this whole assembly of aliens. Yep, you get the Greys in there too.

[00:38:13] Carrie Poppy: Yep. So, most of you are probably picturing big aliens with like big, diamond-shaped heads and greyish skin. Now those are actually the Ancient Greys. What she wants us to know about are the small, child size Ash Greys that do the bidding of the Ancient Greys. So, (laughing) these little guys—these little guys are biologically alive, but they are artificial intelligence, and they are a bit of a nuisance! They get in the way a lot! The Ancient Greys program them; they do their jobs pretty well but not that well, and they have to be reined in a lot. Okay?

[00:38:57] Ross Blocher: (Flatly.) Alright. Yeah, yeah. Typical.

[00:38:58] Carrie Poppy: (Giggles.) And so, now the Ancient Greys have gotten lazy. They don’t like to travel through space that often. (Laughing.) Ross is just massaging his temples as he tries to take this in.

[00:39:10] Ross Blocher: It’s so weird. Why? Why, Linda? Why must you inflict this on us?

[00:39:15] Carrie Poppy: So, since the Ancient Greys don’t travel through space that often anymore, they use the smaller worker drones—meaning those little AI ones—to do their bidding.

[00:39:25] Ross Blocher: Oh, that’s right! They’re AI. Yeah. Okay. Sure.

[00:39:26] Carrie Poppy: Mm-hm. But they’re also alive. Is that clear?

[00:39:28] Ross Blocher: That’s another word we’re using right now. So, yeah. Oh yeah, she called these “little Grey programmed lifeforms” or PLFs.

[00:39:37] Carrie Poppy: Yes! And they can do instantaneous space travel. And we understand some of their physics but not much!

[00:39:44] Ross Blocher: Oh yeah. She was referring to three deep space ships that we already have in this talk. The USS Curtis LeMay.

[00:39:53] Carrie Poppy: Curtis LeMay. I wonder if that’s a person.

[00:39:55] Ross Blocher: Yeah, I looked that up, and that one actually—like there was—

[00:39:58] Carrie Poppy: An American Air Force general. Well, I see that the USS Curtis LeMay shows up on the Starfleet universe wiki.

[00:40:06] Ross Blocher: Uh-huh. Which means it’s a fictional thing.

[00:40:08] Carrie Poppy: I guess? I don’t know what Starfleet is.

[00:40:10] Ross Blocher: That’s from Star Trek. Your favorite!

[00:40:11] Carrie Poppy: Oookay, there you go.

[00:40:13] Ross Blocher: I know you watch it a lot more than I do.

[00:40:14] Carrie Poppy: Oh, I love Star Trek. First of all, it takes place in space.

(Ross confirms.)

Second, people are trekking. I love it.

[00:40:22] Ross Blocher: Yeah. And then there’s the USS Hoyt Vandenberg. We know that’s a real person, because we have Vandenberg Air Force Base nearby. And then there was the USS Roscoe Hillenkoetter. And I had to look it up after she was saying it to make sure it wasn’t Helen Keller. Anyway. So, yeah, she said that we already have these long-distance, deep space vehicles. I don’t think that’s reaaal.

[00:40:46] Carrie Poppy: Okay. So, the reptilians, let’s talk about them. They are bad.

(Ross confirms.)

And they want Earth without any humans on it. They want to just take over.

[00:40:58] Ross Blocher: I mean, what’s stopping them? Why do they have to do all the sneaky things like pretend to be Bill Clinton?

[00:41:05] Carrie Poppy: Maybe because they know the Nordics will stop them if they do anything too bad?

[00:41:09] Ross Blocher: But the Nordics aren’t doing anything!

[00:41:11] Carrie Poppy: I know, they just sit there!

[00:41:12] Ross Blocher: They’re so lazy. They don’t commit.

[00:41:13] Carrie Poppy: Yeah. Where are the Nordics right now? Like, right now, as we’re recording this, some of the most horrific things we’ve ever seen are happening in the Gaza strip. Where are the Nordics?

(Ross agrees.)

Isn’t it time? Isn’t it time?!

[00:41:26] Ross Blocher: Yeah! If somebody has omnipotence, omnipresence, advanced technology, it’d be a good time to step in.

[00:41:31] Carrie Poppy: This is a good time! Well, everyone starts murmuring. She says they want Earth without humans on it. You know, this is like a fairly threatening thing to say!

[00:41:40] Ross Blocher: Yeah, and if this is a spacefaring civilization that got here, and they didn’t want humans on the planet, there probably wouldn’t be humans on the planet!

[00:41:50] Carrie Poppy: You’d think! But you know, it’s so full of contradictions. You know? Mm. Mm! So interesting.

So, also there’s the insects. The insect aliens are also hostile to humans. They want Earth without humans on it too, just like the reptilians.

[00:42:10] Ross Blocher: Yeah, she showed a picture of these trantaloid aliens, and it was—it’s seriously like a drawing by a kindergartner.

(Carrie laughs.)

And on the type of paper that has the lines that you write inside of, along with the like dashed lines to help you know where to end.

[00:42:30] Carrie Poppy: Woah, really?!

(Ross confirms.)

Let me see this photo. I’ve forgotten this.

[00:42:34] Ross Blocher: This was done by someone under 10 years of age. This drawing that she included, this multicolored crayon drawing.

[00:42:42] Carrie Poppy: (Dissolving into laughter.) How did I miss this?! Oh my god! (Laughs so hard she coughs.)

[00:42:43] Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) That’s her illustration. At least Deborah King would have—oh no, we’ve killed Carrie.

[00:42:53] Carrie Poppy: What on earth?!

[00:42:54] Ross Blocher: At least Deborah King would have had the decency to like use AI to generate a semblance of an alien.

[00:43:00] Carrie Poppy: What’s happening here?! You’re right! This was drawn by a child! And written by a child!

[00:43:05] Ross Blocher: It’s like someone working on their kindergarten spelling, and they also drew a trantaloid alien?

[00:43:12] Carrie Poppy: The drawing’s cool; I’ll give the child that. Okay, well, they’re hostile to humans. That’s the point.

[00:43:20] Ross Blocher: Yep, should I be worried?

[00:43:22] Carrie Poppy: No! She’s not worried! Why would you be?! There’s just so many contradictions. But Ronald Reagan knew all of this, because he was told on March 6th through 8th, 1981!

[00:43:36] Ross Blocher: Let me just point out: first of all, Ronald Reagan was president 40 years ago. He’s no longer alive. Why is this important or relevant to our current situation? He knew about this?

[00:43:47] Carrie Poppy: Yeah, I think the implication is like, you know, all the presidents have this oral history passed down from president to president, which is more or less true.

[00:43:54] Ross Blocher: Okay, so she thinks that all the presidents know this.

[00:43:56] Carrie Poppy: I think that’s the implication. Yeah. So, she shows us her star map.

[00:44:01] Ross Blocher: Yeah. How long has she been working on it, Carrie?

[00:44:04] Carrie Poppy: Thank you for asking. 18 years.

[00:44:07] Ross Blocher: Wow! That’s a long time to be working on this fairly simple map.

[00:44:12] Carrie Poppy: She just updated it. I assume that means she kept getting new information. So, we see this image of several different stars. They’re all labeled, and some of them tell us which aliens live on that star.

[00:44:27] Ross Blocher: Mm-hm. So, the solar system is in there, lest you mistake this as a photo—because of course, who would take this photo?

[00:44:34] Carrie Poppy: Mm-hm. Mmm! God?

[00:44:36] Ross Blocher: It’s a bunch of glowing orbs, and they’ve been labeled as various—yeah, star systems.

[00:44:40] Carrie Poppy: Yeah. And I don’t know if the implication here is that the aliens actually live on the star or they’re from the solar system ruled by that star. The latter?

[00:44:49] Ross Blocher: Right. They’re from a planet that revolves around it, I think is a fair assumption. Yeah. Oh yeah. (Sarcastically.) The labeling on this is greeeeat. It’s so good.

[00:44:58] Carrie Poppy: (Laughs.) So, she’s gonna draw our attention to Rigel (Rye-gull)?

(Ross offers “Rye-jell”.)

Rigel (Rye-jell). Okay. Yeah. It’s on the far left. Now, reptilians live there now. But it used to be a Nordic system.

[00:45:13] Ross Blocher: Yeah, well that was before the Procyon exodus.

(Carrie confirms knowingly.)

Right, I don’t even need to say it.

[00:45:19] Carrie Poppy: The listeners right now are like, “That’s redundant Ross; everybody knows that. We’ve all memorized the star map.”

(Ross “duh”s.)

(Laughs.) But there’s a lot of fighting around Rigel, and Rigel is currently taken over by Reptilians. Bad!

(Ross confirms.)

But the Nordics had to leave and go to Procyon A and B. So, they had to like—what a solution! So, you’re invaded, and you leave your entire solar system!

[00:45:46] Ross Blocher: Yeah, well, we lost. That one’s no longer ours. Let’s go to a whole new—I mean, I guess that’s the idea of becoming a spacefaring race is that if your star dies, you can go find a younger one. A younger, prettier one.

[00:46:00] Carrie Poppy: (Chuckling.) Uh-huh. A new model. But the Reptilians and the Nordics have been fighting each other for millennia. Okay, so are the Nordics that powerful? There’s so many contradictions!

[00:46:09] Ross Blocher: So, I guess instead of Star Trek, they would have Nordic Trek.

[00:46:12] Carrie Poppy: Nice.

(Ross thanks her.)

Nice, like the exercise thing.

[00:46:17] Ross Blocher: The workout equipment, yeah. Alright, my work is done here. Good luck with the rest of the show, Carrie. Bye everybody, have a good time! Tip your waitress!

[00:46:24] Carrie Poppy: (Laughs.) It’s almost over. So, now they’re fighting for dominance over Earth. Okay, so, she’s wrapping up now. And she—

[00:46:32] Ross Blocher: Wait, wait, wait, wait—but there’s more on the star map.

[00:46:35] Carrie Poppy: Oh, you want to talk more about this map? Okay.

[00:46:37] Ross Blocher: Well, I just got to mention some of the other races that are labeled. So, Epsilon Eridani has the hostile insects. Again, bad.

(Carrie confirms.)

Then you have (inaudible), the red-haired humanoids.

[00:46:49] Carrie Poppy: Oh, that’s her!

[00:46:51] Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) Yeah, and then maybe that’s where she’s from. She’s a star seed. Then you have, like you said, 82-G Eridani, that’s where the Tall Whites come from, of course. Now, this supports what you were saying, that the Nordics and the Tall Whites are separate, because they seem to come from different star systems. So, we got both! Why not? But then she labels Sirius A and B as having Nordics and water-living humanoids, but she said in this talk that we as humans are hybrids of like three different alien species. So, we have DNA that we’ve inherited to make hominids or apes on our planet into humans. But she says that the Nordic DNA is predominant like in White people, and that there’s a—

[00:47:33] Carrie Poppy: Oh, she actually says that? In White people?

[00:47:36] Ross Blocher: I believe so, because she highlights that—

(Carrie makes a horrified sound.)

That Black people were seeded by Sirius A or B or both.

[00:47:45] Carrie Poppy: Okay, are they good? Please say they’re good.

[00:47:46] Ross Blocher: Yeah, I think they’re fine. She didn’t say anything bad about them; it’s just that they’re like from a separate star system.

[00:47:51] Carrie Poppy: Right. Yeah, very Mormon.

[00:47:55] Ross Blocher: Yeah. It’s very uncomfortable.

[00:47:56] Carrie Poppy: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:47:58] Clip:

Linda Moulton Howe: But military, aerospace people with information about ET genetic manipulations of Earth life say that the first and the oldest ET race to have manipulated genetics on Earth was from Sirius B 134,000,000 years ago, before Sirius B became a white dwarf star. The Sirius B race allegedly are the genetic source of darker eyes and darker melanin in skin tissue compared to the blonde, blue-eyed Nordics. Both Sirius A and B are populated now by the same race that my aerospace source says has had the most involvement with our development to current modern homo sapiens.

[00:48:43] Ross Blocher: I’m sure she’s not trying to be denigrating, saying there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m sure if you asked her, but just—well, A) it’s not true.

(Carrie laughs.)

But B) it just doesn’t feel good. I don’t like it. I don’t like it. Why did you have to say that?

[00:48:54] Carrie Poppy: Right. It also opens the door for someone else to grab that and be like, “Yes! Okay, working off of that, and that race is bad.” You know. Ugh. Ugh! Eugh! Okay.

[00:49:03] Ross Blocher: And she gave us like a zoomed-out version of this map, and farther away is Aldebaran. And that one is labeled with “blonde, blue-eyed, with Hitler, World War II”. That’s the label.

[00:49:16] Carrie Poppy: WHHHHAT?! Oh, that’s not in my image, okay. Wow!

[00:49:19] Ross Blocher: And then we have, under Epsilon—

[00:49:21] Carrie Poppy: 18 years, you couldn’t clean that up?

(They laugh.)

Make that a little clearer.

[00:49:27] Ross Blocher: Maybe next year she’ll take out the Hitler mention. And then Epsilon Indi has the tall Progenitor Greys. So, yeah, what a map. It’s a great map.

[00:49:36] Carrie Poppy: Ugh. Okay. So, she actually says that White people then are descended from the best aliens?

[00:49:42] Ross Blocher: Partly. They’re—you know, like we’re all DNA hybrids from these different races. But pfffff. Again, A) not true. B) Uncomfortable, at best.

[00:49:52] Carrie Poppy: Yep. Okay. Well, so she’s wrapping up now.

(They laugh.)

And she tells us that she was really nervous to see how we would all respond to this, because—you know, she’s talking about world war, basically. She’s basically saying there’s a world war. But don’t worry, the Nordics will maybe come to save us or maybe just sit there. So, don’t worry.

Alright! (Claps.)

(Ross cheers unenthusiastically.)

And that’s how I paid $45.

[00:50:25] Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) Yeah, we use our money well here. Send us more. Well, anyways, that and more. Every time you talk to Linda Moulton Howe, you learn something new.

[00:50:33] Ross & Carrie: (In a staggered attempt at speaking in unison.) You never know what will come out of her face.

[00:50:39] Carrie Poppy: God, you took it right out of my mouth. (Chuckles.)

[00:50:42] Ross Blocher: So true! We’re on the same frequency.

[00:50:44] Carrie Poppy: Waaave—frequency. We finish each other’s—

[00:50:49] Ross & Carrie: (In unison.) Sandwiches.

(They cheer.)

[00:50:51] Carrie Poppy: Yes! Yeees! You never know if the other person will say sentences or sandwiches. And you just gotta go forward.

[00:50:57] Ross Blocher: Working on both Frozen and being a fan of Arrested Development. Yeah, sandwiches is the way to go. Alright, well that was a fun walk down memory lane. And the revelation that two predictions did not come true. Well, at least the prediction that moved from April to June and back to April didn’t happen.

[00:51:16] Carrie Poppy: Yeah. Unless it did, in which case it was not remarkable.

[00:51:18] Ross Blocher: Yeah, like one of those failed end times prophecies when it’s like, “
“Oh, Jesus actually opened the temple veil up in the celestial realm! That’s what happened! We verified that. See, it was a big deal!”

[00:51:32] Carrie Poppy: Yep. “Oh, you don’t believe me that the Age of Aquarius started last November? Actually, it did, but it was energetic. And if you didn’t feel it, there’s something wrong with yoooou!”

[00:51:42] Ross Blocher: Huh. I don’t know. I feel like the biggest problem here is just bad sourcing rather than her willingly wanting to tell falsehoods.

[00:51:51] Carrie Poppy: Oh, for sure. Yeah, no, I think she’s sincere.

[00:51:53] Ross Blocher: So, I got to ask, Carrie: did you advance your whole cat and dog conspiracy theory at all?

[00:51:58] Carrie Poppy: No, but I did send a card up her way that just said—I wrote this one really fast, and listeners to past episodes will know what we’re talking about, and new people will have no idea.

[00:52:10] Ross Blocher: Yeah, Carrie’s been sending confidential information to Linda Moulton Howe.

[00:52:14] Carrie Poppy: Yeah, to sort of check her checking system. She responds to my emails, but the cards don’t seem to be doing much. I sent up a card that said, “Linda, please tell my story, Poppy.” That’s the name I’ve been using, yeah.

[00:52:28] Ross Blocher: That’s the name you’ve been using. And you put like a little figurine in there.

[00:52:31] Carrie Poppy: Yeah, I had this kind of ugly Albert Einstein necklace. I don’t remember where it came from. I love Einstein, but it’s not a good one. So, I just put that in there. Why not? And then I walked right up to her, and I said, “This is for you!” She just took it.

[00:52:44] Ross Blocher: Okay. You were the deliverer this time. I know you’ve made Jimmy Church hand her something before.

(Carrie confirms.)

Okay. So, no news on that front.

[00:52:51] Carrie Poppy: No. Yeah. And I kind of want to give her a little credit that she hasn’t like worked all of that immediately into her talks. So, on that rung, pretty good.

[00:53:00] Ross Blocher: I’m going to say if you ever do follow up on that—because you’ve been telling her about how, I don’t know, cats—

[00:53:05] Carrie Poppy: Dogs are aliens. Cats are aliens. Yeah.

[00:53:07] Ross Blocher: Yeah. Yeah, maybe if you tie it to one of the unlabeled stars in her star chart, give some more information.

[00:53:16] Carrie Poppy: Oooh, smart. Smart. Okay. Which star are you looking at?

[00:53:18] Ross Blocher: And I would say like they’re doglike in that they’ve been genetically manipulating our wolves and our lions to—you know, like she gave a similar story—to have them live amongst us, but they’ve been a protective force. I don’t know. You can play with it as you will.

[00:53:34] Carrie Poppy: Yeah, yeah, they just sit there and watch us and go, “Yeah, fucking that up too!”

[00:53:37] Ross Blocher: Yeah, they’re reporting back. Like, when your cat’s staring at you, it’s uploading.

[00:53:42] Carrie Poppy: (Giggles.) Okay. Which star should I say a cat is from, and which star should I say a dog is from?

[00:53:47] Ross Blocher: I’m enjoying this way too much. Well, dogs would normally come from Sirius. Uh, but that’s kind of taken.

[00:53:52] Carrie Poppy: What do you mean by that? Why would dogs come from Sirius?

[00:53:55] Ross Blocher: There’s a connection there. Yeah, Sirius is known as the dog star.

[00:53:59] Carrie Poppy: What? Why?

[00:54:00] Ross Blocher: When you talk about like the dog days of summer, it’s cause Sirius is in the sky. She’ll take that seriously. And then, cats. There’s a place called Zosma.

[00:54:11] Carrie Poppy: That’s cool to say. Sure, they’re from there. Great.

[00:54:12] Ross Blocher: Alright, there we go. Anyways, always fun to catch up with Linda Moulton Howe.

[00:54:16] Ross & Carrie: (In a staggered attempt at unison.) And you never know what will come out of her face.

[0054:22] Ross Blocher: We got it this time!

[00:54:23] Carrie Poppy: Yeah, we did it, we did it. I didn’t even need to do it that slow.

(They laugh.)

[00:54:27] Ross Blocher: Uh, alright, well. That’s come out of our faces, and that’s it for this episode.

[00:54:31] Carrie Poppy: Our theme music is by Brian Keith Dalton.

[00:54:34] Ross Blocher: Our administrative manager is Ian Kremer!

[00:54:35] Carrie Poppy: You can support this and all our investigations by going to

[00:54:42] Ross Blocher: Please do. And thank you so much. You can also tell a friend. You can also give us a positive review on whatever platform you consume us.

[00:54:49] Carrie Poppy: Do you have a friend named Ross? Do you have a friend named Carrie? Make them listen! Yeah!

(Ross agrees.)

Do you have a friend named Ono? Make them listen!

(Ross offers “Yoko Ono?”.)

There we go. Do you know Yoko Ono? Make her listen.

[00:55:01] Ross Blocher: Tell her to listen to this podcast!

[00:55:02] Carrie Poppy: Yes. And remember…

[00:55:04] Clip:

Linda Moulton Howe: Let’s just break through this right now! Yes, there are other ETs. Yes, we have had help. Yes, there are enemies. Yes, there are threats. Yes, we are the product of extraterrestrial manipulation of DNA in already evolving primates. That is the truth.

Speaker: We’re one family. We’ve got to realize that.

Linda Moulton Howe: Exactly. Doesn’t that make you feel like you love all of us? I mean, that every—we are first and foremost a fellow human. That the Greeks said if humans could have agape love with each other, that they would see each other as a fellow being. Nothing to do with sex. Fellow being.

(Scattered applause.)

That you would love. You could not kill. You could not! That’s where it seems to me, if this all evolved to that, it would all have been worth maybe the angst.

[00:56:02] Music: “Oh No, Ross and Carrie! Theme Song” by Brian Keith Dalton. A jaunty, upbeat instrumental.

(Music ends.)

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