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It's a Cold Open But It's Warm In Here, Honey w/ Special Guest Michelle Buteau! (Michelle Buteau, Dope Queens, Self Worth, Jenny Jones, Oprah)

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This week we are honored to have the amazing comedian Michelle Buteau!!! James and Michelle sit and have a wonderful chat that covers, Oprah, women in comedy, how to be a stand up comedian, cultural appropriation, Journalism, and more. Also why is watching yourself doing stand up might be like watching yourself take a shit? Not to mention... we meet Judge Booty! Check out her new comedy, Shut Up album out on iTunes and Amazon.


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The Turnaround: Jerry Springer

The Turnaround
Jerry Springer

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This week's Turnaround guest is the one and only Jerry Springer! You might be surprised to know that Jerry didn't begin his career in broadcasting an intern for a TV station, but instead as a politician and lawyer. He was a city councilman in Cincinnati, OH and even served as mayor of the city for a one-year term in the late 1970s.

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Later on, Jerry was hired by Cincinnati's NBC affiliate WLWT as a political correspondent and commentator. He won numerous Emmys for his nightly commentaries on WLWT. He eventually began anchoring the news desk, after which he was asked to host his own daytime talk show, Jerry Springer, in 1991.

You may know what Jerry Springer is now, but the daytime talk show used to be a lot more anodyne. In fact, it was originally modeled after Phil Donahue's show. In 1994, Jerry Springer's producers revamped the program to boost its popularity by planning shows around sensationalist topics and conflict-driven interview segments that often resulted in chaos. The show became a ratings smash, and the rest is more or less history. Jerry Springer is now in its 26th season.

What you know about the Jerry Springer show is probably correct, and Jerry would agree with you. But as he explains to Jesse, he sees his show as a way of empowering his guests. Jerry wouldn't trade his job for anything, mainly because he's got some really great stories. He also shares about his fascinating past jobs, including his stint as mayor.

Jerry's daytime talk show, Jerry Springer, is in its 26th year. Jerry also hosts a weekly podcast, simply called The Jerry Springer Podcast.

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