Stop Podcasting Yourself 375 - Erica Sigurdson

Erica Sigurdson

Erica Sigurdson returns to talk matching outfits, placentas, and vermin.

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You Don't Mess Around With Jim

Matching Dresses

Paul Coffey

Australian in a suit


Thrift Shop

Daiso underwear

Booster Juice

Hands Up

Vancouver goose (actually duck) lady


Mansplaying (actually manspreading)

Girls stink (at 4:28)



I just made the jump from episode 139 to the 2015 episodes. What happened to celebrity crush hat, graham's dad, etc.?

That mouse had RABIES!

Probably the mouse had rabies. Walking in circles, disorientation, and lack of fear of humans are all signs. Get the vaccine ASAP if you were bitten!

Mice rarely have rabies,

Mice rarely have rabies, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Toxoplasmosis is more likely, and not a biggie unless Graham is a pregnant woman.