Stop Podcasting Yourself 351 - Mark Forward

Mark Forward

Comedian Mark Forward joins us to talk racist bartenders, Christmas songs, and Jim Varney.

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Reservoir tip toques


Bill Wyman's metal detector

Cainin' it at Christmas

Muppet tears

That fake soldier

Gee, I'm Glad it's Raining

The Importance of Being Ernest


Cool Spot video games

Summer Girls

Macaulay Caulking



I always thought that it ended with Rumple being so mad that she guessed his name, that he jumped up and down, his legs sunk into the ground, and then he tore himself in half trying to pull his feet out. Maybe I just dreamt that?

Old Fashioned ... not Manhattan

Old Fashioned ... not Manhattan

Robert Hess likes his with simple syrup:

An apology

When Dave was doing the commercial and he said you wouldn't want to have to make simple syrup for a Manhattan, I shouted, "There's no simple syrup in a Manhattan, you ignorant boob!"

I am sorry for that. I have anger issues, and I control them by drinking.

Old Fashioned, not

Old Fashioned, not Manhattan

Hess likes his with simple syrup: