Stop Podcasting Yourself 314 - Abby Shumka

Abby Shumka

Abby Shumka returns to talk costuming, Road House, Square One, and one other thing.

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Ed Hardy

Junior dancers


My Boyfriend's Back

Pear Buddhas

The Vlasic stronk

A$AP Rocky

Jeff Healey in Road House

Square One

Buena Vista Home Entertainment

The Time is Now

Hang on, Sloopy

Water-skiing squirrel

Karen O and Cheryl Burke kinda look a bit alike, maybe

Austin and Ally

Doc Honkywood

Miley Cyrus and Simple Jack



Congratulations Dave and Abby! Long time Listeners from Nova Scotia aka, the right, or correct coast. (nyuk nyuk, groan...)

My wife and I are excited for you - We're expecting our first on May we're playing the waiting game.

Grandpa is going to be


Babby Shumka

Congratulations Dave and Abby! Your baby is going to be hilarious!
--Marie Curious

Tiny Shumka!

Congrats on the baby!