Stop Podcasting Yourself 286 - Abby Shumka

Abby Shumka

Abby Shumka returns to talk driving school, Chubby Checker's non-Twist hits, and Graham's month in Scotland.

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80s murder

Alicia's dress by Abby

America's Next Top Model

Kevin Bacon for phones

Showcase Showdown



Camryn Manheim

Hulk Zeus



Chubby Checker's selected discography

Caboki hair powder

Shaving Fugitive


It's-a Hulk Hogan News!

Listening to The Nerdist podcast, with guest Brad Neely, I found out that Hulk Hogan is a voice on the wonderfully hilarious show "China, IL"!

Check it!

Show clip:


car 2 go

It's fantastic that you live in a city serviced by Car-2-Go. Try it. I lived in Miami and it is great. There is no monthly or mileage fee. It is very reasonable and convenient, much cheaper than owning or renting cars.

Top 10 episodes.

Easily one of my favourite episodes. Abby should have her own show. DO IT!!

Cop Lights

Magnets for mounting on roof: yes.
Plugs into cigarette lighter: yes.
Available for purchase: yes. (picture of them for sale as soon as I can stop by the store that sells them)

In New Orleans there was a spate of so called blue light car jackings where men in a car with a blue light on the dash would pull people over and steal their car. This sparked a recommendation by the police that you should proceed at reasonable speed to a well lit area with witnesses if you're being pulled over.

Louisville KY

And then get arrested for

And then get arrested for resisting arrest. :-(