Stop Podcasting Yourself 264 - Brent Butt

Brent Butt

Brent Butt returns to talk Yoo-Hoo, squirrels, and free pizza. Also, your chance to win an awesome Hulk Hogan News stained glass window during the MaxFunDrive.

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Miss Marple

The Edison Twins

That Scarface scene

The Super Dave movie

Super Socco

The Spooch


Stephen Harper's Lego hair and wolf eyes

For a chance to win this awesome stained glass, tweet about with the hashtag #MaxHulkDrive.

I'm a Pepper

Wile E Coyote's Batman suit


Huks face

Stained glass looks awesome. Hulks face looks like it's made of meat.

Re: "Huks face"

Hulk's face IS made of meat. If you think about it, so is yours.

Oh no, and mine!

Individual Pickles

Guys, this is the first time I've been compelled to communicate with any podcast, ever. The reason is this: many places do sell individual pickles. At least, that is, on the east coast of 'Merica. I know them as "deli pickles" because the corner deli would always have this sort of plastic faux pickle barrel filled with floating pickles. You would take a pair of plastic tongs, that were attached to the barrel, like a pen in a bank, pick out the pickle of your choice, put it in a little waxy bag and purchase it along with your lunch meat and cheese. I've seen these types of pickle barrels in many large grocery chains here in the US, but many seem to be replaced with these:
So, I'm sorry, but your individual pickle japes will have to be revised.

Bags of cash

Former teller here -

No, you would definitely not get away with bringing in bags of cash, lol.

There are two kinds of reports that would be filled on you - first a Currency Transaction Report, which is a federally required report every time you deposit more than $9000 in cash. Secondly, you would probably qualify for a Suspicious Activity Report which would also flag your activities to the authorities. But it would sure have made my days as a teller more exciting, I don't know why that bank guy got upset either!

Paperwork again? Ugh!

Paperwork again? Ugh!