Stop Podcasting Yourself 261 - Lachlan Patterson

Lachlan Patterson

Comedian Lachlan Patterson returns to diaper stuff, millionaires, and bowling. Plus, more lessons learned from Flex Magazine.

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King of the Road


One of them leg knife holsters

It's a Brannock!

John Popper's vest

Ted Dibiase



Spy Hunter

Justin Bieber's overalls

Stars are Blind

Pumps and a Bump

School pride

Dolph Lundgren


Good clean fun

I just had to play that Splashdown clip. That jingle will be in my head forever, dammit.

Lessons Learned from Flex Magazine

I love the new segment Lessons Learned from Flex Magazine. First off, the idea of getting someone a subscription for christmas is probably the best gag gift idea there will ever be. Second, I think the theme song is already my favorite. Lastly, I really love how much Dave really seems to hate the whole thing. Seriously, this show keeps getting better and better.


Guys, new listener to the show. Love it and the guests are awesome. I loved the last episode with Michelle, one of the funniest ladies I've ever heard. Tuned in today to the Lachlan show. Sounds like a pretty chill guy.

I'm gonna cut to the chase. Lachlan + Michelle = funniest couple ever. You guys should set them. He's calm and Michelle's off the wall, they would balance each other out. Give it some thought.