Stop Podcasting Yourself 244 - Ryan Beil

Ryan Beil

Improviser and former spokesman Ryan Beil returns to talk about single-A baseball, donkey riding, and Graham's weird commercial.

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Umpires in sport coats



Dissected Cherry Blossom

Let Me Ride that Donkey

Rosie the Nosy Neighbor

The Mucinex phlegm blog

Bonk's Adventure

That brass pole guy

Hair croissant


Eldon from Murphy Brown

Get over here!

Hope and Faith

Ryan in The Underclassman


Sad to Say...

The minute you started talking about donkey songs I started singing "Let me ride that donkey". I always thought I picked it up from a very "imaginative" friend growing up. Thanks for proving me wrong, now all those times I broke out with it as an adult makes me feel justified. Sorta.

Link to YouTube video, of "the three coolest guys"

Let's make Graham's video go viral!

I mean, if you want.

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