Stop Podcasting Yourself 238

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No guest this week as we talk pumpkin husbandry, animatronics, and male pattern baldness.

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Sansabelt Slacks

Naomi Watts

Don Cherry's bull terrier, Blue

The Torrington Gopher Museum

My Karate Kid

Teddy Ruxpin

Kevin James' nipples

Looper Gordon Looper

Tom Hardy in that Star Trek movie

The Hulk Hogan News dancing baby

I know you know I go psycho


Fat guy in a little coat

A green Mazda 3

That Subaru commercial

Toys R Us kids

Google street view car


-Darrin is from Bewitched, not I Dream of Jeannie, BUT COME ON!


Hulk Hogan

The dancing baby, and the fact that someone sings the Hulk Hogan theme to her baby, is pretty adorable.