Stop Podcasting Yourself 235 - Lori Gibbs


Comedian Lori Gibbs joins us to talk about scary movies, encores, and lasagne.

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Canadian Lingerie Football

Fun Fruits

The Poseshhhh

An old creepy washtub dude

Hobo Bonobo

The Doctors of Star Trek mural on the pharmacy in Vulcan, Alberta

Riverside, Iowa

Rizzoli et al.

Love is Strong

Those Country Crock hands


Rest in Peace, Kirk?

Is it just me, or does the birthplace of Captain Kirk look like a grave?

LFL in Abbotsford

The BC Angels girls play in Abbotsford!! You two need to come to the second home game next Saturday the 29th! Last time there was 4 tickets for $50 on Groupon and it was worth every penny. We even saw a creepy fat guy with an old-timey film camera taking pictures of young girls get escorted out by security after almost getting in a fight with some brown guys!


Wow. No thanks!