Stop Podcasting Yourself 200 - EVERY SEGMENT!


In the 200th episode extravaganza, Graham and Dave run through every segment and theme song in the show's history. Pop Rocks Minute? Yes! Road to Rock Band? Of course! Everything packed into just under two hours.

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Ghost Writer

Jonathan Winters (alive)

Work It (dead)

Republic of Doyle

Yo! MTV Raps cards

Beard jogging

Do You Wanna Dance

Stompin' Tom

McDermott or Dermot


The Micro Machines Guy


Ick Magazine

Penn Jillette

Conway West


Monkey World


Rosie Perez

Juliana Hatfield


Oh, and I forgot to add this Home Depot picture


I've been listening in

I've been listening in reverse order, so I am nearly two years behind in listening to this episode. But I just had to mention that Saturday Night Live recently did a game show sketch called "Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney" which was pretty much exactly the same as the segment on this episode. Except that Dermot Mulroney did a walk on. But otherwise the same.

Oh man.

You guys are the best. Sometimes I almost crash my car because I'm laughing until I cry whilst listening to the podcast. Thanks for getting me through my snowy commute.

Bonzo dog band

Great episode but you've got to check out the Bonzo dog Doo Dah band. They're really funny featuring Neil Innes you may know from Monthy Python and the Rutles.

Perfect Way to Mark 200

When I saw EVERY SEGMENT as the guest on this episode, I got really excited. The more segments, the better... I know they're all kind of just prompts for funny conversations, but the variety beyond Get to Know Us and Overheards is always welcome. Hard to feel nostalgia when I cycle through all the episodes back to back year round, but it was there with this episode. Aaaand, hate to pick nits, but Celebrity Smells technically is a different theme song and segment than Celebrity Odds. Only 1,000 more to go in your series of 1,200!


happy 200, gents!