Stop Podcasting Yourself 190 - Brad MacNeil

Brad MacNeil

Brad MacNeil returns to talk baby stuff, small towns, store-bought pranks, and some of our favourite podcasts.

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Guy Fawkes

Mad About You
Smarties vs. Smarties
The theme from The Matrix
Slap Shot fashion
Chubby Vincent Price
Post office graffiti
That hand dryer picture
Stacy's Mom
John Hancock
A Murder of One
Busy Phillipps


other podcasts

I agree with the first comment, please post the names of the other podcasts you recommend - I'm way too lazy to go listen back to the episode with pen in hand plus I'll probably fuck up the names of all the podcasts and never be able to find them!

Podcast Roundrobin

Hey, the main reason I came to the Brad McNeil episode blog page, besides wanting to see your John Hancock, was in the hopes you'd include a list of the "recommended podcasts" you three listed in roundrobin fashion at the end of the show. Of course I could play that part of the podcast again, listen to the words, write down the titles... But oh man, that's a lot of work. How about that there handy list idea I just mentioned? That would, like, rule.

Hey guys, I'm the one who

Hey guys, I'm the one who sent in the "email rules" post office graffiti and I realized when I heard you read it that I should have specified where it was. That was in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Porter Square neighborhood. The local hilarious graffito should at least get that credit/blame.


Was was the site bead was referring to with the overseen?


I just had one of the best nights of this entire year. Now, back at home, winding down, new podcast to listen to? You are, gentlemen, the gravy on top of a mashed potatoes and steak dinner.

It stopped

It sotpped just after Brad was talking about Walking the Room. At about 1:19 Also you need to go slower when saying the phone number. Either that or put it somewhere on the website.