Stop Podcasting Yourself 162 - Steve Bays

Steve Bays

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Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat returns to talk dancing robots, hidden cameras, and bank robbing. Also, a gender-bending Stuntcasting session.

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Clip Art

Wrestlin' mags

The most illegal thing

Dancing Pepsi can

Scary robot

The Mondo Spider


Dog's Eye View

The Stopwatch Gang

Frédéric Chopin

American Movie

That Maxell ad

Michael Jackson shopping in Vegas

Walking cast

The Lighter Side

A churro

The Single Ladies (all of them)

The lady from Northerned Exposure

That Magnum wagon


Wide Mouth Mason

The Other Half

Devon Sawa

The Golden Guys

Hal Holbrook



What is the song at the end called?

What is the song at the end called?

Rue McLanahan

Tom Selleck = Rue McLanahan. First guy that came to mind.

Rue McLanahan

The first to come to mind, and as I was screaming at my iPod;
Rue Mclanhan = Burt Reynolds