Stop Podcasting Yourself 150 - Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson

Comedian and actor Craig Anderson returns to talk fantasy novels, autographs, and Burlington Coat Factory.

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Freakin train assembly

In high school we had a RIDiculous assembly about Railroad safety. Now we have some tracks that sort of run through town but are far from what you would call a "railroading town", if those even exist. It was pretty unprompted and we watched a boring film about kids who have been killed playing in the tracks. It seems to me if your dumb enough to be hit by a train, you probably had it coming from something if not a train. But then again this is coming from someone who went to an official safety assembly


I'd like some sort of compensation for the cleaning bill I'm going to have to pay for spitting out the punch in my mouth over my carpet when you answered the callers question about her coach.


I'm chuckling now even thinking about it - Keep up the good work and.................... Look Alive!

I'm still waiting for...

a pinball machine that plays 2Unlimited songs when I jab the flipper buttons. Also, I accidentally squirted milk out of my nose when you guys mentioned Canadian supergroup Gob; I showed my pal the video for "I Hear You Calling" not two days before listening to the podcast!

Keep up the great work, guys! :D

- Cam