Stop Podcasting Yourself 144 - Damonde Tschritter

Damonde Tschritter

Comedian Damonde Tshritter joins us to talk about alternative Christmas movies, video arcades, and owls.

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Mike Wilmot


Harley Davidson Edition

Herb Dixon

Jerome the Giraffe

There Will Be Whispering

Fruit Brute


Brian Shuffle

Star Wars game




Dr. Pepper

Kissing your elbow/reflection

Different Class

Kub Kars


Owls of Ga'Hoole


Princeton Quidditch



I have 2 lathes, a mill, and various other "fall on you an crush you" tools. Yup, when I have kids, I'm gonna be THAT dad ;)


PS, my Cub-cars were awesome :D

How Forrest Gump Invented Twitter

Forrest has run back and forth across the country several times. He has become a national sensation, and gathered quite a following. One of his many admirers jogs up to him and shares his dilemma: "I have all these yellow t-shirts, I don't know what to do," and he holds one out to Forrest. At that moment, Forrest and the admirer are splattered with mud from a passing truck! In his down-home and practical way, Forrest immediately takes the t-shirt from the admirer and wipes his face with it and hands it back. The admirer opens the shirt and mud has formed a series of letters which say: "Start a website that only allows people to post messages that are one hundred and forty characters long." As the stunned admirer watches Forrest jog away, he says "Hashtag like a box of chocolates."

And that's how Forrest Gump invented twitter.

makes as much sense as the

makes as much sense as the smiley face. Great Job!!

Oh man...

Haven't even fired this one up yet, but already a good'un. Video arcades and owls - fa fa fa-vour-ite thiiiiiiiiiiniiings.

awesome......... very stunning