Stop Podcasting Yourself 118 - C.R. Avery

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C.R. Avery

Troubadour C.R. Avery joins us to talk Jim Morrison, Iron Man 2, and screen doors.

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Wolfman goths

Leroy Johnson

Bruce Cockburn

James Coburn

Tony Clifton

The Dancing Itos

Monsieur Mangetout

Beckys on Roseanne

Russian prison highlights

Alec Baldwin is The Shadow

Jackson puppets on sticks

Live Your Life

That Kotex commercial

The Langoliers

Capoeira... Kumite

Whoopi in milk

MJ Cologne


Sausage as stylus for touchscreens

You guys were wondering whether a hotdog could be used in place of fingers for touchscreen-operated phones. Yes they can, and it was actually featured in some news programs last winter. The Koreans used hotdogs, and some people used SlimJims.,news-5815...

David P.