Sawbones: Birds


This week on Sawbones, it's Part One of our series of putting pet-centric illness on BLAST. This week, live from Seattle, we finally give birds their due.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


Poop bad!

May I just point out that the parents of a toddler advising "don't touch poop" is unintentionally hilarious?


Please go back to Seattle and redo the show with a Monty Python reference so I won't feel so old.

P.S. Some animal advocates seem real fun.

Shitty Pet Owners

I get that the reactions to this stuff are funny but I kinda agree with the first commenter that you guys are making light of a LOT of animals who would have already had really horrible lives (tiny cages, poor diet, no stimulation, etc) getting sick BECAUSE of those awful conditions and then people doing even more horrible things to them. People STILL treat birds as disposable pets and as someone who works in parrot rescue, it really pisses me off when people act like birds don't matter. They're smart. They're trainable. My two know to poop only in certain locations and are better behaved than a lot of dogs. They aren't decorative. They aren't stupid. They deserve to be treated humanely.

I would have felt better if you'd at least noted that in modern times, you should take your birds to a trained avian vet if they look ill and not only will this prevent YOU from getting sick, your bird will be healthy as well. Don't feed your birds just seed, they should be on a pelleted diet mixed with fruits, veggies, proteins (eggs, cooked chicken, etc.). Don't keep them in tiny, filthy cages. Train them where to poop and clean promptly (like you would with a litter box). Spend time with them and train them because they LOVE to learn tricks that make their humans happy. Let them take regular baths, because parrots prefer to be clean. If you're keeping a dusty species like a cockatoo or pigeon, buy an air purifier (how the hell did you miss pigeon fancier's lung???).

I guess what I'm saying is, yes, this is a humor podcast, but maybe, just maybe, you could do something to better the lives of the animals you're talking about so they don't get sick and spread disease? For anyone who actually gives a shit about birds, Parrot Confidential on PBS does an excellent job of highlighting how horribly pet parrots are treated in this and many other countries.

And, as with any pet, DON'T PURCHASE, ADOPT. There are over a thousand homeless parrots in Denver, Colorado alone.


I so happy that you find the sickness and misery of animals so hilarious! It was really heartwarming listening to your live audience break out in hysterical laughter when you mentioned it was encouraged to 'Choke your parrot to death' due to them being afflicted with a disease which must have been exceedingly painful to them.. And LOL when sailors were told to 'chuck their parrots overboard to which Justin added:' They kept flying back around so they had to punch them in the face. ' Riotously amusing!. HIL-A- RIOUS! Congratulations! Animal misery is SO FUNNY!

To take animal misery and death and spin it into a comedy, is a unique talent! It figures that you would do such a thing being from West Virginia.

someone else

Hey poster above me!

I'm sure you mean those compliments in totally Ernest.
But phrases like

"It figures that you would do such a thing being from.."
" HIL-A- RIOUS! Congratulations! Animal misery is SO FUNNY!"
"I so happy that you find the sickness and misery of animals so hilarious!"

these make your post seem really really passive aggressive. Also it seems like your offended by the subject matter like your taking this little haha jokey joke fest like it was a "We hate birds rally"

I'm not sure if that's how you meant it but just letting you know.

Someone needs a sense of humor

I think you don't get the point of the show.

Someone needs a sense of humor

I think you don't get the point of the show.