Ross and Carrie and the Ouija Board: Cate Planchette Edition


Ross and Carrie unwrap a brand new Hasbro edition of the Ouija Board and invite their loved ones to consult with the local spirits. Do they make contact? Does the planchette even move? Does Drew have dandruff? Will Cara finally have that baby? All these questions and more are answered in this exciting new episode.

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I don't think you guys gave

I don't think you guys gave this one as much of a chance as everything else you've done. It was kind of disappointing.

Wow that planchet (sp?) has

Wow that planchet (sp?) has no purple or glow to it at all....


first off you guys are the best secondly this episode.......ummmm........?.....kind of fun, yeah good job?...i love you guys keep up the investigations.