Ross and Carrie Get Gorgeouspil: Immortal Alex Chiu Edition

Episode 72

Ross and Carrie, sick of being moderately gorgeous, take Alex Chiu’s reverse-aging products: Gorgeouspil, Immortality Foot Clamps, and Immortality Rings.

Episode notes

NEW EPISODE! Ross and Carrie, sick and tired of being moderately gorgeous, finally take the next step in bettering themselves, by following Alex Chiu’s regimen of reverse-aging products, including Gorgeouspil, Immortality Foot Clamps, and Immortality Rings. By day two, they should look 30% more gorgeous, and by the end of the month, should be “as gorgeous as a super model” and on their way to immortality. Best $100 ever spent? You be the judge.

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Welcome to Oh No, Ross and Carrie!, the show where we don’t just report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal, but take part ourselves. Follow us as we join religions, undergo alternative treatments, seek out the paranormal, and always find the humor in life’s biggest mysteries. We show up – so you don’t have to. Every week we share a new investigation, interview, or update.

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