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ONE WEEK left of MaxFunDrive 2021!

Posted by Stacey Molski on 10th May 2021

A blue background with a yellow drive-in theatre style sign that reads "MaxFunDrive 2021 May 3-May 14MaxFunDrive 2021 officially ends on Friday, May 14 and we’re well on our way to our goal of 28,000 new, boosting, and upgrading members! If you’ve been waiting til the end of the Drive to join, boost, or upgrade, now’s your time to shine!

At the time of writing this, we have 10,984–which is amazing, but we still have a ways to go this week. We’ve been having so much fun with you all on social media, and we’d really appreciate if you continued tweeting about the #MaxFunDrive and maximumfun.org/join to help us get the word out during our last week.

Speaking of social media, our hosts have been partaking in some delightful stuff–like Reading Glasses’ book recommendations, Hodgman’s very normal photos of MaxFun hosts, John Moe introducing supporters to his dogs, Tights and Fights’ wrestling nicknames, and a ton more! We’ve been collecting them all in our Instagram Story highlights as well as posting events on social media and our calendar as they come up. I’ll get into those more at the bottom of this email!

Want to support your favorite shows?

The collection of gifts found at maximumfun.org/join
Our limited-edition thank-you gifts are only available through the end of the Drive, so if you meant to become a member or upgrade your membership but just haven’t gotten around to it– go ahead and do it while you’re thinking about it! If you’re not able to swing a membership this year, we totally understand. There are a ton of free ways to help if you feel inspired to!

If you are in a financially secure place, please consider becoming a $5 monthly member. Direct, ongoing support from members is how hosts receive consistent income from their work, how MaxFun budgets for the year, how we are able to limit advertising, and how we can keep our shows free for everyone to enjoy. And if that good feeling isn’t enough, you also get 200+ hours of bonus content from all of our shows!

And, if you’re already a member: remember, upgrading isn’t the only way to increase your support! Let’s say you originally signed up for a $5 membership and you listened to two shows. But in the last year, you started listening to a new show! When you add that one into the mix, the support gets divided into three. An easy way to maintain your support for your first two shows and add some fresh support for that new show is: to boost your membership in-between levels. You can add just a buck or two extra month, if you’d like! Boosting won’t qualify you for the physical gifts, but it will count towards our goal of 28,000 new, boosting, and upgrading memberships. And it greatly helps the shows!

RSVP for Friday’s star-studded finale show!

A drive-in theatre style sign that says "MaxFunDrive, Fri, May 14. Game Show Spectacular!" with a number of host's names underneathMaxFunDrive 2021 Game Show Spectacular
Friday, May 14 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET
We’ve been having a lot of fun planning our MaxFunDrive 2021 Game Show Spectacular!

You can add it to your calendarsubscribe to the event on YouTube, or RSVP on Facebook in order to get a reminder when the event is about to start!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Renee Colvert and Andrew Reich playing a Go Fact Yourself round of What’s the Difference with Helen Hong and J. Keith van Straaten
  • Jarrett Hill, Tre’vell Anderson, Drea Clark and Stuart Wellington navigating Troubled Waters with Dave Holmes
  • A live round of a Dr. Gameshow game chosen by the MaxFun community! Featuring Jo Firestone, Manolo Moreno, Alonso Duralde, Ify Nwadiwe, John Moe, Janet Varney, and Laura House
  • A selection of exemplary cows that have been nominated for The Beef and Dairy MaxFun Bovine Civic Pride Award 2021
  • A fun night hanging out with your charming MCs James Arthur M. and Biz Ellis (and a bunch of MaxFunsters in the live chat) as we count down to the end of the Drive!

Give (or receive!) the gift of Maximum Fun!

Did you know that we have an easy way for you to purchase gift memberships for your MaxFun-loving friends or family members? If you’re not in a place financially to start a membership, you can always drop hints that you’d like a gift membership! We have an easy way for folks to purchase them that entails a one-time payment. They just pick the monthly membership level they’d like to purchase, and we’ll do the rest to get things set up!

We also support folks who just want to help someone become a member, and that someone could be you. So far, over 200 (!!!) MaxFunsters have bought a membership for an anonymous MaxFunster. And we’ve matched every single one with recipients on our waiting list! We still have a LOT of folks on the waiting list, but you can add your name to it or purchase a gift membership here.

Enjoy replays of past events!

MaxFun hosts have been livestreaming events all week! If you missed any, most events have replay links. You can subscribe to our calendar to get notified of future events, but be sure to follow us on Twitter or Instagram as sometimes events are a little spontaneous!

Triple Click Live
Travis Plays Animal Crossing
Depresh Mode Debrief
Reading Glasses Book Recommendations
Painting Party with Stuart Wellington
FMV Quest with Travis and Justin

Biz Ellis’ Backyard Dig
What the Dub with Clint, Hal and Travis
We Got This Trivia Showdown
Page to Screen Book Club
The Spirit of Christmas Watch-a-Long with Ify, Drea, Alonso, and Jen Kirkman

Thank you again for supporting independent podcasting and for helping us spread the word! Now let’s have a fantastic last week of the MaxFunDrive as we push on to 28,000 new, boosting, and upgrading members!