Ways to Help Maximum Fun for Free

If you want to support your favorite shows but don’t have the means to do so financially, here are some great ways that you can offer support for free, plus some info on how you might be able to get MaxFun membership for free:

  • Share a story on social media about what MaxFun shows have meant to you with the hashtag #MaxFunDrive.
  • Retweet posts by @MaxFunHQ and shows on Twitter and share posts by @MaxFunHQ and shows in your Instagram Stories to help spread the word!
  • Leave us a Google Voice message at (323) 601-8719 or send us an email at memberstories@maximumfun.org about what MaxFun has meant to you, for us to potentially share your voice with our audience.
  • Recommend your favorite shows to your friends and followers on social media. Tag the show or link to an episode.
  • Share your favorite show with your friends and family! Our Classics feed is a great way to help them discover their own new favorite!
  • Leave 5-star reviews for your favorite shows on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or your favorite podcatcher. It really helps!

If you want to support your favorite shows, but it’s not in the cards financially this year, you can add your name to this waiting list for a chance to receive a $5 MaxFun membership. Generous MaxFunsters are able to purchase a year’s worth of a Maximum Fun membership for anonymous MaxFunsters through out website, and we match the recipients on the list to the memberships that come in on a first-come, first-served basis. That way, folks who are having a good year can help out folks who can’t afford a membership at this time.

From all of us at Maximum Fun: Thank you so much for supporting us and the shows you love! Whether you’re a MaxFun member or not, these things on the list above are a HUGE help to us and we really appreciate you taking the time to help us out!

For questions about how you can help MaxFun, or how to share your MaxFun stories, email april@maximumfun.org