MaxFunDrive. March 18-29 2024.

Brand new show—PLUS MaxFunDrive dates!

Posted by C.N. Josephs on 27th February 2024


We’ve got some exciting news for you: a great new show, and—drumroll, please—the dates for MaxFunDrive 2024!

Jordan Morris and Emily Fleming launch Free With Ads on MaxFun!

Free With Ads hosts Jordan Morris and Emily Fleming have a few things in common. For one, they’re both regulars on the hit YouTube series Good Mythical Morning; for another, they both wrote for TV’s @midnight. But, even more importantly, they’re both extremely passionate about “trashy” pop culture—and about saving a little money.

Those passions inspired their new podcast Free With Ads, a movie review show dedicated exclusively to movies that are available for free online. Why pay for streaming services when movies like Grease 2 and Dungeons and Dragons (not the Chris Pine one) can be watched for nothing more than the cost of enduring a few, loud unskippable ads?

“I love working with the folks at MaxFun. They’ve built an insanely fun and dedicated fan base who have tolerated my dumb jokes for almost twenty years. I’m so excited to bring more nonsense to the ear holes of the best podcast listeners in the world.”
— Jordan Morris
You can check out the first two episodes now to hear riveting discussions about Timecop (a 1994 sci-fi action film that Roger Ebert disparagingly called “a low-rent Terminator”) and He’s Just Not That Into You (a 2009 rom-com-dram that holds an encouraging 41% on Rotten Tomatoes).
“How lucky am I? Jordan and I love talking about movies and TV that repel many but thrill the hell out of us, and now I’m working with him doing exactly that! Maximum Fun is an exciting fit, full of vision and moxie between everyone involved. I hope listeners have as much fun listening as we do recording!”
— Emily Fleming
New episodes will come out every week. Subscribe now so you won’t miss them!

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MaxFunDrive is March 18-29!

MaxFunDrive. March 18-29 2024.

That’s right, it’s almost the best time of the year again: MaxFunDrive! From March 18-29, we’ll be celebrating all of our podcasts (and you, our amazing audience) with a myriad of fun events, great bonus content, amazing gifts for new and upgrading members, and so much more!

MaxFun is an audience-supported network. About 70% of our revenue comes from people who love our podcasts—like you!—and MaxFunDrive is our big yearly event where we all come together to directly ask for your support. Every membership, no matter how big or small, keeps MaxFun going and ensures that your favorite shows can keep making great new episodes.

Tune into your favorite shows from March 18-29 to celebrate MaxFunDrive with us and your favorite hosts!

MaxFun Meetup Day is Thursday, March 21!

MaxFun Meetup Day. Thursday, March 21.

It wouldn’t be MaxFunDrive without it! On Meetup Day, MaxFunsters around the world host meetups for local fans of the network. Hosting a meetup is super easy—all you’ve gotta do is find a venue that can accommodate a small group, tell us about it so we can add it to our directory, and show up during the meetup to hang out and make new friends!

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🏆 It’s awards season! 🏆

A big congrats to Black People Love Paramore host Sequoia Holmes for being nominated for Best Indie Podcast Host by The Ambies! And congrats to Stop Podcasting Yourself host Graham Clark, whose comedy album Never Was was nominated for Best Comedy Album by the Juno Awards!

We’ll be back soon with more MaxFunDrive news! Now go listen to Emily and Jordan talk about Jean Claude van Damme’s butt in Timecop.

— Your friends at MaxFun

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