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1,603 podcasts join MaxFun! (Kind of.)

Posted by C.N. Josephs on 5th February 2024

Hi there!

We’ve already announced two great new MaxFun shows this year, and now we’re bringing on a whole podcast network! Plus, a warm welcome to our 2024 production fellow.

Sound Heap with John-Luke Roberts, the “podcast of too many podcasts”, joins Maximum Fun!

The highly-awaited second season of British comedy podcast Sound Heap with John-Luke Roberts starts February 19 on MaxFun!

Sound Heap with John-Luke Roberts cover art

Troubled Waters writer John-Luke Roberts and award-winning producer Ed Morrish are bringing their BBC Audio Drama Awards-winning show to MaxFun! In Sound Heap with John-Luke Roberts, John-Luke plays the CEO of the Sound Heap network, which was founded with one mission: make too many podcasts (currently at 1,603 and counting).

Each episode is composed of clips from fake shows performed by hilarious comedians, like…

Cover art for the fake shows "Describing Pretzels to Peter, Who's Never Seen a Pretzel"; "An Angel Ate My Car, And Other Miracles Gone Wrong"; "Imagining Things Were Different Sizes with Dr. Vivien Tinsley"; and "Aggressive Compliments Shouted at a Cat"

“I’m thrilled to be bringing Sound Heap to the Maximum Fun network,” says John-Luke Roberts “In my opinion, they’re not only one of the best podcast networks in the world, but also our greatest rival. I never dreamed we’d have the opportunity to bring them down from within.”
— John-Luke Roberts, CEO and Fun Captain of Sound Heap

Subscribe now to catch up on the first season! The second season premieres February 19, and it’s already slated to have a bunch of great guests you might recognize, like MaxFun hosts Jeremy BentHal Lublin, and Jordan Morris! This is one podcast (well, technically 1,603 podcasts) you won’t want to miss.

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Welcome to Daniel Huecias, our new Production Fellow!

Every year, MaxFun brings on one or two folks to partake in a year-long production fellowship. Our 2024 Fellow just started!

Since 2015, Maximum Fun has been running a production fellowship program to help people gain experience in all aspects of audio production. The fellowship is a paid, full-time position with benefits, and it’s one of the most rewarding things we’re able to do at MaxFun.

We’re pleased to welcome Daniel Huecias to the MaxFun team as our 2024 production fellow!

Daniel Huecias headshot

Daniel recently graduated from UC Santa Barbara where he directed news and special programming at KCSB. His work as a producer, journalist, and photographer has been featured on radio stations and publications across California. Outside of work, Daniel was previously a nationally ranked black belt in tae kwon do, the frontman of a contemporary Christian youth band, and a “funeral songster.”

Please join me in welcoming Daniel to the team! He’s great and we’re so excited to have him here.

Thanks for reading! We’ll be back in your inbox soon with yet another incredible new show! Okay, back to listening to one of my favorite Sound Heap shows, Memes with Val.

— Your friends at MaxFun

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