Judge John Hodgman Episode 71: Probable Cos-Play

Monte Belmonte

Donald, his wife Jessie, and their son plan to attend a Star Wars fan convention that will comprise their family vacation this year. Donald and their son have been planning and executing costumes to wear for the event. Jessie says she shouldn't have to wear a costume, since she's not a big fan herself and she agreed to let the convention double as their family vacation in the first place. Will Jessie have more fun in costume? Or should she be allowed to opt out?



From Donald:
Exhibit A: Photo of Jessie's tattoo.

Exhibit B: A photo of Donald "in costume at the last Star Wars convention I attended, several years ago. My updated costume is not quite ready for photos so I thought this would be a suitable replacement."

Exhibit C: Donald hopes to complete a costume worthy of acceptance into the Rebel Legion.


Update, please?

I saw a friend post photo of Star Wars Celebration 6. Did Donald receive acceptance into the Rebel Legion? Did Jessie enjoy her vacation?

Excellent show! You, with the help of the entire Maximum Fun Network, helped me survive the 12hr drive from Madison to Pittsburgh and back again. Thank you so much!


my favorite show in a while!

my favorite show in a while! i loved hearing little Josh Skywalker on the show too. made me think of my 6 yr-old who has just passed through a months-long Star Wars obsession. now he's obsessed with the Hobbit/LOTR, which I've loved ever since I was a kid. with Halloween coming up, this episode gives me important food (pellets) for thought in broaching the subject whether my wife wants to participate in LOTR costuming. she would make a beautiful African lady Arwen... thanks Judge!

I love this podcast so much

I really do. It's my favorite.
but Judge, please can we get an injunction on men wearing sandals when not within 20 feet of a pool or any larger body of water?

Thanks for reading my letter about being a mind reader

Thanks for reading my letter and siding with me Judge Hodgman! If you don't mind me buzz marketing, you can see some videos of me doing my live show, and live on TV here: http://www.LincolnWorld.com

It's so easy...

This would all be settled if they'd both join Team Banzai.


So, when do we get to see the

So, when do we get to see the video of that lightsaber fight?

Good call, Judge!

Jessie's done a lot to embrace Donald's love of Star Wars, she shouldn't have to give her all to it :)

Apologies to Dan Savage

To borrow a Savage Love term, Jessie is the GGG partner of this nerd marriage, Donald is just a handful of gimme.

I don't want to be drastic, but Dan would probably advise, "DTMFA"

Loved it!

Another great show, and total nerdfest. I loved it! I was laughing out loud in my car. I loved the suggestion that she dress as Wonder Woman at the Star Wars convention. Happily, our plans to dress up with our kids this year as Adventure Time are still in place. Here I come, Princess Bubblegum!