Judge John Hodgman Episode 213: Just the Two of Us


Judge Hodgman rules on indiscriminate hot-saucing, Vegas buffet etiquette, civic responsibility and more. Plus, an update on episode 167, Brocavore!

Edmund and Garth are blogging about their experiences as they raise/grow/forage/hunt for their own food for an entire year. You can find their entries about consuming Judge Hodgman's court-ordered exceptions here: One, Two, Three, Four, Five

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On cast iron and citizenship:

1. While taking a photography class a few years ago, I presented a picture of an egg frying in a cast iron pan. I was pleased when my teacher commended the techniques used in the photo, but baffled just a moment later when he told me that it looked completely unappetizing. He went on to say that cooking eggs in cast iron was a cooking faux pas, because it unfavourably changes the flavour of the eggs. He was so sure that I wondered if I had been missing something for years, as I chowed down on many a cast iron-fried egg. Years (and much searching) later, I've yet to see ANYONE say this, but I think about him every time someone like the Honourable Judge and Jesse talk about cooking eggs in cast iron pans.

2. Just an fyi: Expats who retain their US citizenship must file and pay taxes every year; they are not exempt because they move internationally.

Wait a damn minute, Hodgman...

..While I (and all other people who have not either had a tongue amputation or a traumatic brain injury robbing them of their sense of taste) can agree that the substance allegedly called 'pizza' by Sbarro is an affront to food, I simply MUST reprimand you for your baseless smear aimed at Little Caesar's. As a native of Michigan, FLINT, Michigan, no less, you are insulting the heritage of my people, good, humble, hard working people who, especially in the eighties, didn't have a lot of cash to throw around to feed themselves and the families they already committed to having before all work vanished and everything went to hell in a bucket. I've travelled the world and lived and eaten all over North America, and damn it, do you know what is FAR more distasteful than either Little Caesar's or the godforsaken Sbarro? Your obvious classist remarks.
Is it the greatest pizza known to man? of course not. (That actually comes from Luigi's on Davison Rd. in Flint, but I digress) But, it's FIVE dollars, man. And it's a perfectly serviceable pizza-- a meal, in fact, for FIVE bucks. And to a thrall like me, living paycheck to paycheck, I suppose that's probably more important to me than it is to some deranged millionaire phony internet celebrity judge. Get off your high horse!