Judge John Hodgman Episode 149: Honk If You Love Justice


Wes brings the case against his friend Adam. He says Adam is too eager to lay on the horn when he sees bad driving. Adam says he's just practicing defensive driving. Who's right?

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EDITED TO ADD: Geekosystem answers Judge Hodgman's question about General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard.



Bailiff Jesse Grade

I'm catching up with old episodes so this is a little late. I really enjoyed Bailiff Jesse's more subdued contributions to this podcast. He's much less abrasive when he refrains from speaking and laughing self-satisfiedly. But he's certainly a talented producer of quality radio content (to give him his due).

Grade: B+

--The Bailiff Judge


I saw this shortly after listening to the podcast and kind of lost it.


Fred Rogers

Thanks, Jesse, for the heads-up on the moving documentary about Mr. Rogers.

The law at midnight

The Judge stated that "Between the Wendy's and the intersection there is no law". This is incorrect. The Wendy's in question is likely the one on highway 1A in Salem. As such, Adam was in violation of section 22-2.2 of the Salem municipal code which prohibits the use of "loudspeaker(s), public address system(s), or similar device(s)...between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.", and should report to the code enforcement office to pay the $25 fine.
I know I am metaphorically blasting my car horn at the teenage Adam, but I feel I must vent my ineffectual rage. To those of us who live in areas similar to Salem, people like Adam are sleep stealing monsters. After 10pm, unless you are actively about to have an actual car crash stay off your damn car horn!

-Some of Us Have Work in the Morning; Downtown Athens, GA

re: Winnie the Pooh's name

Please watch the following video for the explanation of this loveable bears name:



Mr. Rogers in action

Get your hankie out Jessie:

quite interesting indeed!

i was very happy to hear this episode's pop culture reference. i was also very happy to hear judge hodgman say it was a klaxon horn and was looking forward to emailing him a link to the very episode he mentioned where alan says the same thing. knowing you're not fond of buzz marketing i thought he would find it interesting to know klaxon is a brand, but unfortunately he was already aware of this haha. i love the show QI and am a big fan of stephan fry so i'm happy to report this is the one and only time i have ever known the pop culture reference at the beginning of an episode! great podcast!

Why the General Lee doors are welded shut.

The General Lee was at one time a race car, (which is why it also had a big 01 on the doors). Nascar race cars have doors welded shut for safety. Also, even if the doors opened, you wouldn't be able to get in through them due to the roll cage — you can see part of the roll cage through the side windows just behind the front seats.