Judge John Hodgman Episode 133: Exit Partay


Jason and Amber are a married couple. Jason is a pediatrician. He interacts with the public all day, but considers himself to be an introvert. His wife Amber is at home all day. She thirsts for social interaction. Their dispute: when they're out together at a party, who decides when to leave? Only one man can decide.

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Submitted post-case:

Photos of the 1981 Bronco.


I think the wife needs to see this pictur


I feel that the wife doesn't understand how introverts work, and I think this shows so well what they need!

As an extroverted wife of an introverted husband...

I loved this verdict. This was possibly my favorite judgment ever. I wonder what it says about my family or priorities, however, that the friend based events are the ones I rarely let DH off the hook from, but I am down with many of my family events be optional. Probably it is because some of them (Passover seders) are pretty long and I don't always want to be there either!

Great Case

As another introvert husband, I was grateful that Judge Hodgman adjudicated the matter for my wife and I as well. His decision was fair and pragmatic. I knew I had a problem when recently I found myself PRETENDING to play candy crush on my phone with a dead battery at a birthday party because I didn't want to have to make small talk with the other parents at the skating rink.

Candy crush

OK, I'm the introvert side of my relationship, so I sort of understand the impulse, but please! Playing some dumb game on your phone is not a way to avoid social interaction, it's a way to be incredibly rude. It's less rude to leave the event, move to another area and look as if you're thinking deeply, hide in the toilet, fall asleep or almost anything else, than essentially tell people they are less important to you than a pointless time-wasting phone app. I'm amazed anyone over 10 thinks they can get away with this.


Okay, so cashews may not be legumes, but they are NUTS!

If you are not familiar with the botany and production of the cashew, I highly suggest watching this video -- 'The Story of the Cashew' brought to you by Yumnuts. Then ponder how many dexterous hands have caressed each comma-shaped morsel before you shove it into your pie hole.


Re: Leaf

I am so happy that you pointed this out! My wife almost brought me to court over not sending in a correction. I'd bring it up every time we'd buy/eat/walk near cashews. Finally after almost two years, cashews, internet, and I happened to be in the same room at the same time long enough for me to write. Now I don't have to because I found this post.

Thank you again! (said with a pie hole filled with comma-shaped morsels)


As the introvert husband of an extrovert wife, I loved this episode. Is it weird that I started crying during the Judge's decision? The decision was wonderfully balanced.

Not at all. This episode

Not at all. This episode helped me realize a few things, I just started listening to this podcast and it was strange to hear a complete stranger that felt how I've been feeling (for quite some time now) and then to find so much comfort in the judge's words. It just made me feel a bit better about how I am and how I should always remember to value being with my hubby, family and close friends.


It's been a while since I laughed out loud so much to a judge John Hodgman podcasts this one more than made up for it! Hilarious!

I think this settles it.

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