Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 170: The Bible Guarantees It with Trevor Moore

Trevor Moore

Trevor Moore of The Whitest Kids U Know joins Jesse and Jordan to talk biblical prophecy and more.


End of the World billboards

Those billboards are up here in Canada! But it is not May 12, it says May 21, 2011.

Baboons are monkeys.

They're the biggest monkeys, but they're still monkeys...and they have tails, if not much tail in some cases. (There are also tail-less monkeys.) Among the genetic gifts we share with our fellow apes, aside from no tails aside from the vestigial tailbone, is the opposable thumb and the ability to brachiate (swing from one branch to another with arms overhead), though adult humans and gorillas are often not That good at that last.

And, as apes, we gotta watch the macaques. They're (relatively) everywhere (they're the Japanese snow monkeys, for example).

--Todd Mason

Family Radio

Thank you for bringing these comically misguided people to my attention. The 21st is a Saturday so having a listening party for their coverage of the end is probably going to happen at my house. Or maybe a back pedaling brunch on the 22nd provided I don't get raptured. Amen.