Carrie Meets Lori Spagna: DNA Activation Edition

Episode 246

31st May 2020

Carrie speaks with “DNA activator” Lori Spagna, a spiritual teacher with a sizable online following. Lori explains how she channels beings in other realms, adjusts DNA, promotes financial abundance, and challenges the traditional definition of “truth.”

Episode notes

Carrie socially distances with guest Lori Spagna, a DNA activator, spiritual teacher, author, speaker, ascension guide, multi-dimensional channel, intuitive, pet psychic, energy healer, Lightworker, visionary and luminary. Lori explains how she got to where she is today, channeling beings in other realms, adjusting people’s DNA, and challenging the traditional definition of “truth.” Plus, the author of “The Secret Energy of Money” explains how she developed her own attitude of abundance. We’ll let you guess.


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  • Lori Spagna, spiritual teacher

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