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What happens when a Spanish director adapts an American graphic novel into a dialogue-free animated film? Laughter, tears, and an Oscar nomination, apparently. Sierra Katow joins us to get into this conversation (which we’ve carefully cordoned off with warnings and chapter markers to avoid any big spoilers)! Then everyone shares some animated films that delivered adult-level gut-punch moments.

What’s Good
Alonso – Cannon Films Promo Reel 1986
Sierra – Children of Blood and Bone
Ify – Indie creators at Summer Games Fest


  1. Warner Bros to Premiere a Fully-Animated Looney Tunes Movie This Week
  2. ‘Terrifier’ Actor Cast as Steamboat Willie in Upcoming Horror Film ‘Screamboat’
  3. Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliot Making 10th Movie Together This Fall (on Hallmark)

Staff Picks
Alonso – Earth Girls Are Easy (and also Palace)
Sierra – Fantasia
Ify – Antz
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Alonso’s Plugs:
Alonso on Bullseye
The Flop House: Boat Trip
The Film Library: A Kanopy Podcast
Free with Ads: The Opposite of Sex

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