Episode 311: ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ with Traci Thomas

Episode 311

18th August 2023

This week, we’re talking about a very special book-to-film adaptation: Red, White & Royal Blue. Our guest is the charming Traci Thomas of The Stacks podcast! 

*Just a quick disclaimer to our listeners, we had some audio troubles during this week’s episode

Episode notes

What’s Good

Alonso –  Keith Haring: Art is For Everybody at The Broad 

Traci – Trader Joe’s Root Beer Float Bars 

Ify – Public Libraries 


  1. Two LGBTQ films were slapped with R and NC-17 ratings. Critics say queer sex scenes are treated differently.  
  2. Tyrese Gibson Is Suing The Home Depot For Alleged ‘Humiliating and Demeaning’ Incident
  3. Latino Organizations Unite in Support for ‘Blue Beetle’ During Hollywood Strikes

Staff Picks 

Alonso – Blue Beetle (out in theaters on August 18th) 

Traci – The Deepest Breath 

Ify – The First Slam Dunk (also available at select theaters now) 

Check out the latest episode of Traci’s podcast The Stacks: 

You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty by Akwaeke Emezi

It’s also available to stream on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Overcast and Stitcher.

The Stacks is also on tour! You can get tickets here: http://liveinthestackstour.showit.site/

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  • Traci Thomas

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