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10 Terrible Mars Movies That Don't Bode Well For The Martian – Page 6

Ahh, 1997…a time when comedy movie presidents did Bill Clinton impressions, apes were the toast of Hollywood, and NASA launched the first manned mission to Mars. That’s what’s happening in this year’s Listener Pick, chosen by our wonderful supporter, Robin. It’s Disney’s RocketMan, a live-action, slapstick farce starring Harland Williams as the smartest, dumbest astronaut  around.

What’s Good
Alonso – BlueSky
Drea – King Size Comforter for a Queen (of the Midwest) Bed
Hal – Ordering groceries online
Ify – Gorges


Staff Picks
Alonso – Electric Dreams
Drea –  Earth Mama
Hal – Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.
Ify – The Pest

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