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Bob Hoskins Invented The Modern Blockbuster Performance In 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'

When Robert Zemeckis’s WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT hit the big screens, perhaps you were a college graduate, a baby in sunglasses , or none of the above. But whoever and wherever you were, the world was forever changed by the knowledge that Daffy and Donald Duck could appear on the same stage. Oh, and that toons and humans could be co-stars. Since it’s the last day of MaxFunDrive, we’ve got this very special episode for you with very special guest Jordan Morris. Puh-puh-puhleeeze enjoy!

What’s Good?
Alonso – Lay’s “French Roasted Chicken with Spices” chips from Taiwan
Drea – Davy Mayer for Madison, WI District 6 Alder
Jordan – new beard
Ify –  Japan

Staff Picks
Drea – Rye Lane
Alonso –
Jordan – Fire of Love
Ify – My Neighbor Totoro

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Ify Nwadiwe
Drea Clark
Alonso Duralde
Jordan Morris

Produced by Marissa Flaxbart
Sr. Producer Laura Swisher

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  • Jordan Morris

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