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Comic actor, Christmas Special Haver, and half of the Las Culturistas dynasty, Matt Rogers is our guest as we catch up on an Oscar nominee we didn’t get to when it was initially released: TÁR. 

Then, the crew tells us what movie characters they want interviewed the way Adam Gopnik interviewed Lydia Tar.

What’s Good
Alonso – The Last of Us has Melanie Lynskey now
Drea – Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon red carpet photos
Matt – return of RHONJ
Ify – Mschf’s Astro Boy boots


a).  James Cameron does new tests to answer the TITANIC question: Was there room for both Jack and Rose on that door?
b). Viola Davis is now an EGOT after winning a Grammy
c). AMC is Revamping Their Pricing Model, Will Charge Based on Which Seats You Want

Staff Picks

Alonso – Oscar and Lucinda
Drea – Hilary and Jackie
Matt – Pamela, A Love Story
Ify – The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

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Ify Nwadiwe
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Matt Rogers

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