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Is Women Talking a True Story? | POPSUGAR Entertainment

The co-host of Good Christian Fun joins us to talk about a movie that is quite good, pretty Christian, and not a ton of fun. But it’s also not, as Caroline points out, a “stone cold bummer.” It’s the latest film from Sarah Polley, based on a book by Miriam Toews, and is fascinating both on a literal and a metaphorical level. We get serious between goofs, and then lighten the mood with a Hotline letter about movie scores.

What’s Good
Alonso – Pointer Sisters’ Sesame Street Song
Drea – Yung Gravy gives bras to charity
Caroline – Jessica Simpson’s Open Book
Ify – TikTok refrigerator hack


  1. The Golden Globes Were on TV Again…
  2. Dave Bautista Says He’s Ready to Leave Drax and the MCU Behind
  3.  AFI Study Documents Women’s Contributions to Early Cinema

Staff Picks
Alonso – Petite Maman
Drea – My Year of Dicks
Caroline – M3GAN
Ify – also M3GAN

Ify Nwadiwe
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Caroline Ely

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