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Screenwriter and director Daniel Waters (Heathers, Hudson Hawk, Batman Returns, Vampire Academy) joins what he’s hoping will be a “wall-to-wall lovefest” for Bones and All, the cannibal love story starring former Ify Nwadiwe co-star Timothée Chalamet. Will one of our hosts rip his proverbial still beating heart from his chest? That’s the drama today on a very memorable episode of Max™️.

Then, we’ll have a Hotline call about favorite movie scumbags. And a Christmas Movie Minute!

What’s Good
Alonso – Matt Rogers, Have You Heard of Christmas?
Drea – silk pillowcases
Daniel – Trent Reznor’s score to this film (and via Alonso, Batman Returns as a Christmas movie)
Ify – Nicholas Brittell’s Moonlight score/5th Anniversary edition


  1. Warner Bros Discovery Testing New Names for Combined Streaming Services
  2. Rustic Films Team Makes Deal to Create 10 Microbudget Features
  3. 23 in ‘23: The Oscars Will Air All 23 Categories Live 

Staff Picks
Drea – Leonor Will Never Die
Daniel – Return to Seoul
Alonso – The Holiday Sitter
Ify – Spinners, a short film starring Timothée  Chalamet

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Alonso’s Christmas Books!
I’ll Be Home For Christmas Movies
Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas


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