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No, it’s not the The Invitation that came out this year; we’re taking it back to 2016, when Karyn Kusama’s thoughtful thriller The Invitation was released in theaters. Drea’s away on set, but we’ve got three (sometimes four) Angelenos and a Brooklynite sharing their movie thoughts, as well as their tips for when and how to leave a sketchy party. Oh, and Karyn Kusama was born in Brooklyn!

Later, Margo and Alonso imagine their dream casts for dinner party movies, and it’s the first Christmas Movie Minute of the season!

What’s Good:
Alonso – Herr’s Old Bay Potato Chips
Margo – Reboot on Hulu
Dave – Fuckwolf, “My Life”
Ify – Taping his episode of Grand Crew! H-Mart Snack Supremacy


  1. Kevin Feige Is Happy For James Gunn, Really
  2. Kenan Thompson Says a Goodburger sequel is closer than ever
  3. Cate Blanchett Did Hot Ones and the Criterion Closet, Probably on the Same Day

Staff Picks:
Alonso – The Anniversary Party
Margo – The Hot Rock
Dave – Sicily! and the films of Daniele Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub
Ify – Prometheus

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Ify Nwadiwe
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Dave White

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