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Tessa Thompson Explains Confusion Over King Valkyrie In Love & Thunder

The Flop House’s Stuart Wellington joins our rag-tag crew of interdimensional warriors to discuss the latest Marvel Cinematic offering. Will the myriad pieces of this movie hold together to pack a punch? That was a Mjølnir reference. 

What’s Good?
Alonso – Shoresy
Drea – James Webb Space Telescope
Stuart – Bathory’s Viking Trilogy
Ify – SDCC Panel on July 23 



a).  Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons Got Married

b). VFX Artists Say Marvel is the Worst Client

c). Ludacris Hopes Fast Franchise Will ‘Live on Forever’ ‘Like Jurassic Park

Staff Picks
Drea – Mrs Harris Goes to Paris
Alonso – Zero Patience
Stuart – Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky
Ify – Alien

Vote for the Hall of Excellence:
Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger (Black Panther)
Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman (Batman Returns)
Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man 2)
Tony Leung’s Wenwu (Shang-Chi)


Alonso’s Outfest Queer for Fear Panel

Watch Ify in (Un)Claimed at Outfest  


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Ify Nwadiwe
Drea Clark
Alonso Duralde
Stuart Wellington

Produced by Marissa Flaxbart
Sr. Producer Laura Swisher

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