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The delightful Parvesh Cheena (Connecting, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Shining Vale) joins us to discuss the queer (mostly) Asian romcom that sets star/writer Joel Kim Booster, Bowen Yang, and friends as the Bennett Sisters, and Conrad Ricamora as Mr. Darcy. Sex, party drugs, judgy gays, and emotional catharsis – you can find it all on FIRE ISLAND.

What’s Good Mentions
Alonso – Ms. Marvel
Drea – mending clothes
Parvesh – using your professional tools
Ify – MaxFunCon 2022


  1. Neve Campbell Will Not Return for ‘Scream 6,’ Citing Pay Issues
  2. Movie Star Chimp Found Alive After Owner Fakes His Death
  3. Paddington Bear Joins the Queen for Tea at Her Jubilee

Hall of Excellence Nominees
Clueless (Emma)
West Side Story (2021) (Romeo & Juliet)
O (Othello)
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (The Odyssey)

Staff Picks:
Drea – Watcher
Alonso – Hustle
Ify – O
Parvesh – Being BeBe

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