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After months of waiting, a new day has come: ALINE is finally in US theaters, and there’s a lot to talk about. Luckily, the gang doesn’t have to do it all by themselves. Kyle Buchanan (whose NYT review of the movie is quoted prominently in the film’s Wikipedia page) is here to answer questions like, “how much of this is true?” and “is this movie a comedy?” Later, we’ll propose some biopics we want to see. And that’s the way it is!

What’s Good?
Alonso: “I wrote a puzzle!
Drea: Family visit/digitizing family photos
Kyle: Survivor Season 42
Ify: Severance/Hot Boi Summer

Warner Bros Removes references to gay relationship for China release of Secrets of Dumbledore

Netflix Has Added a “Two Thumbs Up” Button

There’s going to be a Spirit Halloween movie 


Staff Picks
Drea: American Splendor
Alonso: The Greek Tycoon
Kyle: The Northman
Ify: Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

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