Episode 545: Judge, Jury, and Extra-Cushions-For-Her

Episode 545

1st December 2021

Isabel likes to do her grad school work on the living room couch. Myles says that she’s taking up too much room! He’d like to sit on the couch too. Who’s right?

Episode notes

Myles files suit against his wife, Isabel. Myles says that Isabel’s graduate school work takes up too much space in the living room. But, Isabel says that her setup is the most comfortable way to do her work. The living room is her space too! Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

Thank you to Twitter User @BenjaminWalkup for naming this week’s case! To suggest a title for a future episode, follow us on Twitter for naming opportunities: @JesseThorn & @Hodgman. Or keep track using the Twitter hashtag #JJHoCaseNames.


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