What Mary Didn’t Know … A Sexy FANTI Christmas (ft. Mykal Kilgore and Mychael Chinn)

Episode 99

23rd December 2021

For this episode, Jarrett and Tre’vell are gifting your ears with some holiday bops!

Episode notes

Episode Summary:  

One thing’s for sure, Mary didn’t know that Christmas 2021 could sound so good. For this episode, Jarrett and Tre’vell are gifting your ears with some holiday bops! And they have invited friends scripted executive of “Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas” Mychael Chinn, and R&B singer and songwriter Mykal Kilgore to talk about holiday songs they love and hate. This heated discussion, filled with laughter and cheer, will have you dancing while chugging eggnog and decorating your Christmas tree. Plus, for our Hanukkah listeners, we have a song for you! 


Episode Notes:

Jarrett and Tre’vell created a FANTI Christmas playlist of all the jams that were discussed on the pod, including The Braxton’s “Mary, Did You Know?,” Natalie Cole’s “Jingle Bells,” Peal Jam’s “Someday at Christmas,” Ariana Grande’s “Wit It This Christmas,”  Kelly Price’s “In Love at Christmas (feat. Mary Mary),” and more. 


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Mychael Chinn

Mychael Chinn


Mykal Kilgore


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