Bonus Content Preview: What Works For Me

29th March 2023

A special preview of this year’s MaxFunDrive Bonus Content! Listen to the whole episode by becoming a member. Go to and pick a level that works for you!

Our listeners share tons of ideas on what they do to make themselves feel better.

Episode notes

A special preview of this year’s MaxFunDrive Bonus Content! Listen to the whole episode by becoming a member. Go to and pick a level that works for you!

We’ve said it many times on our show: there isn’t one thing that works for everyone to improve mental health. But chances are there’s something out there that will work for you. Maybe it’s a certain type of medication. Perhaps it’s a particular modality of therapy. Could be a medical treatment of some kind does the trick. Or maybe it’s something far more obscure that you wouldn’t hear in a doctor’s or therapist’s office.

To arrive at that technique, unfortunately, generally requires a journey of trial and error, possibly a long journey. To get you started on that road, to get your brainstorming imagination going, we put a question to our listeners: What works for you?

In this special bonus content episode, we hear their answers and we guarantee there’s stuff in here that you’ve never considered. Good luck and happy travels!

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